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Thanksgiving Skiing

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Who's doing it? Where?

Me. @ Baldy. Happy Holiday Season, yee'all.
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Me, Keystone, a day at Loveland and/or Vail too. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Ryan!
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Me and five friends -- Copper, maybe a day or two at Keystone, Loveland and Winter Park (if they are able to keep their opening-day promise of opening MJ by Thanksgiving).
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Big Sky on Sunday.....a tradition in these parts.
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Wack conditions in the east, I'll be killing bambi instead.
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Winter Park - then Vail/Keystone/Breck whoever has best conditions.
No MaryJane opening today - possibly tomorrow if the snow comes tonight.
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Yo bklyntrayc! You're here! Cool! It was snowing in Frisco when Mikewil and I left Katy's so check out Breck this weekend.
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Me, home, in my dreams!
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