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What's In Your Car - Winter Safety Stuff

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I was looking for a small, solid, collapsible shovel to stick in my truck for the winter incase I need it. I am thinking of also throwing a blanket in there as well.

What do you guys in the Northeast keep in your cars or trucks for winter emergencies?
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ice scraper, blanket (if gonna be on the road for a while), gloves (in case I have to dig out, they take up less room than a shovel typically), cell phone, AAA card (definately), usually have anti-freeze and windshield washer fluid as well.

Needless to say there isn't a lot of room in my truck, and I don't have as much as possible.
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Well I saw a woman in an Explorer last year that obviously slid off the road and got stuck in snow all the way up to her undercarriage.

I was thinking that if that ever happened to me I could dig out the wheels to get going again.

It's pretty hard to skid my truck but you never know when you may have to avoid something quickly and lose traction.

I always have gloves and a snow brush with a scraper anyway.
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I carry my Life-link skiing shovel which is cool, collapsible, light and won't break. Also a blanket (if you don't have much room buy a survival blanket for 10 bucks. It is compact, you can fold it back if you ended up using it and it is also effective). I also have some energy bars, a flashlight and a whistle. All this gear I throw in my backpack when I go skiing so you will spend the money only once.
I agree, AAA card is a must but during a bad storm they may take the whole day or night to get to you. Also, during winter and mainly if a Northestearner is on its way, keep the gas tank at least half full.
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I also have a flashlight and a safety hammer to cut my seatbelt and break a window if I need to. I was thinking of getting some whistles for use when we ski in the trees.

My wife works for a private label roadside assistance company so we are all set there.
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Tire chains
Cat litter
Can of Spam and Bottled water
Old Parka (for use when putting on chains)
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Spare tire + jack


Extra food



Well- thats the west, but winter nonetheless
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We have a big box with all sorts of stuff in it. Tow strap, have gotten people out never needed it for us, still it is a good thing to have if your stuck on the side of the road. Easier to get pulled out than to find enough guys to push. An emergency jumper battery thing. http://www.iprepare.com/ezstemjust.html

Never used it but hope it works if/when we need it. Blanket, shovel, jug of water, plus all the other typical stuff.
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Originally Posted by Kima
snip--- Blanket, shovel, jug of water, plus all the other typical stuff.
Don't you mean jug of Ice?
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Ski Gear !
Always in the spare tire wheel well===can/tire inflater----spare fan belt---basic hand tools--tow line.

Long trip---sleeping bag---flashlight--collapsible shovel---cell phone---non-perishable food---water--scraper/brush---oil.

This is for my yearly trips West !
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Originally Posted by skier_j
Don't you mean jug of Ice?
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out West, but...

I know the OP was asking about the Northeast, but things are certainly different here. When I lived in Ohio, I never schlepped this much junk around, but something about being up in the mountains has made me a little more resourceful (or is that paranoid?). This all lives in my ubiquitous "Boulder car" (Subaru Impreza wagon).

- 2 blankets - one wool, one mylar survival (wool doubles as bike equipment rag)
- tire chains (must have out here to get to certain places in winter)
- boots (flip flops too, but we're talking winter gear)
- gloves of every season and description (and other random cycling clothing)
- well stocked first aid kit (one can never have too many bandaids...)
- bottled water
- maps, flashlight, GPS (glove box) The one time I did have to change a flat in the dark, I used the HID mountain bike light kit I just happened to have on hand; it is far more powerful.
- box of Clif bars
- several old terry towels
- spare tire, jack, random tools, washer fluid, scraper.
- rain cape
- rope and carabiners
- bungees / tiedowns

Good thread and good recommendations. I'll add a shovel and tow strap to the fray. Yeah, it's a Suby, but I go all over the place in winter, and I realise even my little hauler could get stuck if I try hard enough.
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Tow strap, bottle of MD 20/20 and a power bar. I'm set
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Shovel, Axe, come-along, tow straps, rope, flares, tools, jumper cables, fire extinguisher, flashlight. Usually have a pair of boots, a water bottle and a survival kit (though i'll probably have left it home if I ever find myself needing it).
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Besides my normal hiking boots, shell top, hat, gloves, and some miscellaneous stuff like my swiss army knife, I carry a safety bag full of extra gear. It includes shell pants, extra shell top, balaclava, down mountaineering parka, backpacker's stove, some food to cook if really stuck, two sleeping bags, extra socks, head lamp, some gatorade (if it's not frozen), trekking poles, cell phone-though not much service on my work route, and I guess that's all I can remember right now. Oh-by the way, I drive a four wheel drive Honda Element with Nokian Snows son getting around is pretty well assured.

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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collapsable shovel, bungee, rope, plastic cover, jumper cables,flares, flashlight, leatherman and duct tape
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Hi-Lift jack
tow straps
shackle for hitch receiver
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Beer, rubbers and mad pork rinds.
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-1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch sockets and ratchets.
-various basic tools
-Set of gear wrenches.
-Wire strippers
-box of random car parts
-always some food.
-one of those "winter safety kits" with all the usual stuff
-emergency jumpstart thingy. Has saved my bacon several times.
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- 2 warm blankets
- 2 jugs windshield wash
- dry gas
- portable battery/jumpstart thing
- winter wiper blades
- bottled water, gatorade and some granola bars
- flashlight
- road atlas
- emergency kit with Fix-a-flat and flares
- snow brush/scrapers
- spare gloves
- cell phone
- old "the club" (protection??)


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