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Grand Targhee--Dec 20,21

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Hoping to add another ski area to my list. I have been planning on driving over to Targhee for a couple of days of skiing with family just before Christmas. Earlier in the month the conditions at Targhee were looking good but not much base accumulation lately. We have season passes at Bogus Basin and if conditions are marginal, I would rather ski here and save the trip to Targhee for another time. (I'm not sure we will have another opportunity this season--one of our kids is away at college and we probably won't do the trip without her)

I'm not looking for assurances of epic powder, but I am wondering what any locals think the chance are for having reasonable conditions then, based on how things stand right now.

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If Targhee isn't good in a month, it is probably going to be a really depressing winter for most of us...
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