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Boot fitting question

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I just retired my trusted Rossi boots, and moved to Technica Icon X's. I took out the footbeds and put in my old Superfeet custom footbeds and hit the slopes over the weekend.

After skiing for an hour without a problem, I hit the bumps and after a few runs I got the most intense pain on the outside of my right foot in the muscles on the bottom of my foot (to the right of my arch). It felt like the muscles were cramping.

Do I need to get new footbeds for the new boots? Can I get the old ones reheated/fitted? Has anyone else gotten this type of pain before? It seemed to go away after loosening the buckle above my arch, but then the fit was not as tight. Thanks for any feedback
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I had a similar problem with a pair of Technica Explosion 8'. I had one pair of footbeds and replaced it with a beter custom cork footbed. It helped when I had the outside punched out a little, but it would still happen early in the season or early in the day then go away. It was more of a cramp rather than a hot spot. I also used to get some heel lift which was mostly corrected by a bootfitter (he could only add so much). Were you getting any heel lift it such a way that it effected the lateral foot? It's just a thought. FWIW, I retired my Technica's this year.
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I had a pair of Technicas that an adjustable arch, I have no idea if the Icon's have one. This could be a place to start.
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Do a shell fit. Check the boot width. That may be your problem.
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Did you take out the adjustable arch cookie before installing your custom insole?
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Two things, as others have pointed out, did you take out the adjustable cookie under the arch. I that does not correct it, the problem could be too much material between the achillies tendon and the outside ankle. This may go away with breakin or may need adjustment.
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SuperFeet are pretty tough puppies. It may also be that this gives you much less room in the arch/instep area. Try taking out the liner and remove the zeppa (footboard). Grind down the zeppa on the bottom side with a belt sander very gently, about 1/4 of thickness. This will give you a bit more room in this area. Remember to grind just a little. Try it. If the pain is still there but less of it, then you're on the right track.
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I will have to check for the arch cookie. I only took out the standard insole. However, the pain is not in the arch, it is to the right of the arch. I will try going to a bootfitter tonight. Does anyone know of a good one in San Francisco? Thanks for all of the repliew so far.
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FTC on Bush between Polk and Larkin. Lloyd is pretty good.
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