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K-mart day after Thanksgiving?

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Any ideas on how bad the crowds will be? Is it worth the trip? Was up there veterans day and while it was crowded it was manageable for the most part. I'd hoped more would be open in the NE at this point but it looks like Killington is the best game in town..

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Yea The Big K is the place to go, that will be where all the real skiers go, even the ones from NY. Make sure you take all your friends with you. I'm sure the K will have great snow and the best grooming to go with it.
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Max Capacity! I'll be headed in the other direction. Off to Belleayre to ski with KeeTov---weather permitting.
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It's gonna be real crowded. But I'll be there too! Gonna be great fun! Even if conditions are going to suck(which they will)It'll still be great!(can you tell I haven't skiied yet this season!)
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I just came back from Killington last night, and the conditions had held up pretty well despite the lousy weather over the weekend. There will be plenty of people there, but they've got things pretty well spread out, so it may not be too bad. Plus after the rain we're supposed to get over Thanksgiving, it's going to get cold again, and they've been making snow every chance they get.
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Most of you know where I'll be, that little slow hill about 30 mins south of the Big K. I'm free skiing Friday and Sunday, working Saturday.
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