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ski boot question

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Some years ago when I bought my Salomon SuperForce boots,I had to, at the time as I wrongly thought, get one size larger to get the width I needed. Since then I have had them modified and are fine now but the length is a bit much. At the start of a run I notice I have to flex knees forward once to get the heels back in the boot before I take off. I can only imagine what is going on while skiing!

Since it may be better to keep the foot forward rather than pushing it back by stuffing the toes would a heel/ankle insert be a temporary solution or should I just bag it and look into another boot?

This would probably mean redrilling my bindings which I don't mind.
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Simple Boot Advice

new boot.

there so many different lasts out there between all the manufacturers that you can get a boot that fits width-, height-, and length-wise. the trick is to go to an excellent bootfitter and let them pick the boot that is best for your foot based on their assessement and measuring (of your foot). i would say that trying more than three boots on will just confuse you. you need to trust the bootfitter.

boots are the most important hardgood in the quiver: without a good fit it's darn hard to control your ski or feel what's going on down on the snow!

The Tecnica consumer brochure, available at any tecnica dealer, has a great page about halfway through it that is great to read if you are about to buy a boot and aren't sure what to expect - it's full of guidance on the boot purchasing process. check it out.
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Thanx for the quick response. I fit boots at Gart, but my 'doctor' is at another shop. I pick his brains profusely. I do realize a new boot is the ultimate answer. My size is only 7 1/2 but very wide. I've been eye-balling the Technica Rival HVL.

My boots originally had a flex index on the Salamon scale of 115. Even exagerating my forward stance they would throw me into the back seat with the slightest bump. I figured being so short - 5'4" - I really don't have the leverage/length between my knee and ankle to be able to flex that boot properly. I therefore had them deflexed. This solved the problem. However I think they softened up a tad too much even though they are still a bit stiffer than my wife's Salamon Sport 5's.

They have been modified so the width is good. My only remaining problem is the length which I notice at the beginning of a run as I stated. If I really buckle down tighter I notice much more control, but I fear this is just a compensation for what I really need to do... another boot. Bob
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my young mind has a question: are those superforce boots a true front entry boot, or are they more mid or rear entry?

this will help me give you a more full further answer...
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The Salomon SuperForce was a high end boot designed for the SuperForce ski years ago just before the advent of the shaped ski. I proformed them through Gart and wanted the Salomon red Equipe Performa 9 but Salomon was out of them. So I asked what they had comprable. They sais they had a little stiffer boot... the SuperForce. I ordered them. Boy, they weren't kidding about the flex!

I'm a very decent skier. PSIA level I, I do not unwieght, shoulders are over the knees not the waist. Being a shorter corn stalk in the field my guess as I stated previously is that I don't have the leverage to flex a super stiff boot. I don't need it anyway- I don't race, but I do like the control a little siffer boot gives. Not necessary in teaching but when we get to do a few runs it's nice to have something that tells the skis where to go. I like groomed, powder, being on Mt Hood we get what we call Cascade concrete. I handle that stuff well; at least until it gets so wet and heavy we all just stay in the lodge and tell lies! Bob
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Don't rule out Tecnica's Diablo Fire or Magnesium....with a loan at your most friendly local bank
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Bwahahaha I read about those. Looks like the ticket but my wife would have me sleeping with out ducks and chickens in a heartbeat! Yep- we gotsa ducks and chickens. and lotsa eggs! Ducks are funny to watch... but ya can't ski a duck. Damn!
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Try on a pair of Atomic's Biotech line. Very wide toe box, and very affordable for a high end boot. I was able to down size a full size because of the increased width. Later, RicB.
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New boots for sure.

Try the Tecnica Rival HVL. It is an advanced boot and will fit very wide feet without modification. IF you want a more advanced boot then you will probably have to try a number of boots and find a good boot doctor to modify it.

Do not buy a shell size too big...only creates bigger problems.
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