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Where to Ski - March 11-18 out West

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I am trying to book my Spring trip now out West - any recommendations for Spring skiing? Comments on Snowmass, Steamboat during this timeframe or other locations?

I understand that it is impossible to predict snow conditions, I am just looking some data on locations with high probability of success.

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Go to http://far.redtree.com/cgmrep.html and check out the archived reports from previous years .... this might be a good option for you.
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Spring skiing

Your dates are in the heart of spring break. Lots of families ski during this time.
This means the popular ski areas are packed (those close to cities) and even the lesser visited areas will have more skiers.
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W/B has been pretty good in that time-frame in the past.
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If you want to guarantee snow you could consider Jackson Hole, Utah resorts, Oregon (Bachlor and Hood) and WA (mt Baker) as well as Whistler Blackcomb.

If you have never given Whistler a try, you should!
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I don't see Baker as a contender for a vacation destination. Yeah, we get snow, but there are no amenities and no lodging. It is also more hit/miss than interior resorts, and when it is bad it is really really bad. As in raining, like today.

I would look to Utah or Tahoe - lots of variety and fairly predictible snow.
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Going to be at Heavenly/Tahoe Mar 13-19. Have been told weather and snow conditions are usually good at this time of year, albeit very changeable. Did have some concerns about crowding over spring break but hopefully enough terrain to spread everyone out. Anybody else for Tahoe during this timeframe?

So Many Mountains, So little Time.
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Utah, Jackson, or Colorado. Utah and Jackson will probably have deep bases, but Colorado will also have enough snow no matter what kind of year to cover the area of the resorts. You just have to deal with a crowd. The more you get away from front range resorts you'll be OK.
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Regarding Tahoe

Tahoe will have plenty of snow & people during spring break, but the skier density on the hill depends on where you ski the mountain. For instance, if you're at Squaw, and you're skiing Silverado, then you're not going to have a lift line at all.

Off the hill, there will be plenty of people, but I don't find it a problem finding a place to eat, drink & be merry.

Tahoe weather may be variable in March because it might snow. I haven't been rained on in Tahoe in years. Two seasons ago, I skied 12" freshies in April at Squaw. YMMV...
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Big Mountain, MT.
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