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Off-slope evening activities in Summit Co.

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4 or 5 friends are coming from out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We'll be staying in Frisco for Thursday and Friday nights, and skiing/boarding Thursday through Sunday. We'll hit Copper for the most part, with maybe a day or two at Loveland, A-Basin, or Winter Park thrown in, depending on conditions.

Anyone have suggestions for things to do in the evenings in Summit County? Any recommendations regarding places to hang out? We're all guys in our late 20's/early 30's (most are single). Any place to party, or just chill out and shoot some pool, etc. I've heard Breck is the place to hang out, but any suggestions on specific spots? Any places at Copper?

What about dining options? Any recommendations? The only ones I've been to are some in Frisco (loved Tuscato's) and on Main Street in Breck. Any other not-to-miss places? We'll have a car, so driving a little further (e.g. Vail) would be doable.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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breck has the most options for sure, both food
and shopping wise.

outlet malls in silverthorne if that is of interest

main street frisco has its charm also, low key but good food

try a search for summit daily online if you want to check
out bands, local entertainment, etc

eric's in breck has good food and a massive beer selection
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theres also the breckenridge brewery in breck and dam brewery in dillon.
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yes, the micro breweries are fun to stop by and grab a couple pints. If you want to kick it at Copper after you ski/ride then you'll probably wanna go to Endos. It's probably the only apres place open right now. Has a pool table and decent drink specials. There a couple places in Frisco to go; Moose Jaw-where most locals hang out, Johnny G's-my fav., and Barkley's-they might be doing renovations still. Breck has tons of choices, just walk up and down and pick one.
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Breckenridge Brewery. Don't miss it. Some of CO's best beer is made right there ready to be consumed fresh.
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Moose Jaw in Frisco, cheap eats/drinks/pool. The bar in the Blue Spruce. For a nice dinner we like Cafe Alpine in Breck but kind of pricey. Like Taylormatt said the Breck Brewery for beer and pool. If you're lucky they should be pouring thier holiday brew, yummmm
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Definitely do the Breweries(Breck and Dillon). Get the Avalanche. There is also Eric's , Ullr's and Sherpa and Yeti's in Breck. All fun. Looks like you will have some decent snow too.
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Not in Summit County, but only 45 mins or less away Blackhawk, Centeral City. You can play the One Armed Bandits. I would bet you could even find a bus that runs to the Casinos!
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Originally Posted by Taylormatt
Breckenridge Brewery. Don't miss it. Some of CO's best beer is made right there ready to be consumed fresh.
In fact, do miss it. Go out of your way to miss it. If you're coming on vacation and that's the best place you end up, then it's sad. Let me copy and paste what I wrote in two other recent threads in here:

This is Breck:

Erics - great for dinner, good sports bar, great beer selection, not terribly interesting. We usually go there for dinner and then leave immediately.

Breck Brewery - just like going to the lame brewery in your own town. Absolutely, terribly typical. b-o-r-i-n-g. However, you can share dinner with hundreds of other tourists and compare notes about rental shops. The beer is typical and average, but it doesn't matter since half the other bars in town serve it.

The best dive bars where you'll meet some interesting... um... characters: Ullr's (Main St.) and Gold Pan (on Main St.). The Brown is an interesting place to go for billiards, ping pong, air hockey, darts, and fun people. I won't tell you where it's at, have fun finding it.

Best bet for finding good live music: Sherpa and Yeti's (Main St.)

Nice local bars to relax at and much less chance of running into dirtbags (though dirtbags can be fun_: Fatty's (Ridge St.), Spencer's (Peak 9), The Dredge (off Main St, in the middle of the river)

Best places for dancing: Cecilia's (Main St., club atmosphere), Salt Creek (Lincoln St. off Main, country dancing, etc)

Odd bar most people will never go to: Shakespeare's Lounge in the back of the St. Bernard on Main St. It can be a lot of fun.

This is Frisco:

Why yes, Summit County does have a few bars. Let's focus on Frisco first. Oh, and in case you enjoy a smoke-free atmosphere, you'll be delighted to know an ordinance was passed throughout the county banning smoking in all public places including bars. Smoking indoors isn't an option. If you don't enjoy a smokefree atmosphere, then you'll get to meet lots of interesting people huddled around the entrances to all the bars smoking. All of the people horrified by people smoking indoors are probably even more frightened of ski bums smoking on the street next to their brand new Lexus and Mercedes SUV's. I'm sure next year someone will figure out a way to completely ban smoking, quickly followed by outlawing hoodies.

The favorite local bar with lots of character is the Moose Jaw located on Main St across from the gas station. "Lots of character" could be taken to mean dive bar. A pitcher of Michelob will run ya $5 during happy hour.. a great start to any evening. They also serve a decent burger for a good price.

Assuming you stumble out of there and want to find more entertainment, head either direction up or down the street. Blue River Inn can offer a very nice atmosphere (complete opposite of Moose Jaw) with a nice upscale restaurant. Whereas you'll meet lots of ski instructors and lift mechanics at Moose Jaw, you're more inclined to find resort VP's at Blue River Inn. If that's your scene, you'll probably stay all night. If not, head the other direction down Main St. and stop in at Johnny G's. Darts, pool, live music, cheap beer and other sinfully good stuff can be found. It's hit or miss there, but generally I've found business doesn't pick up till 9pm or so.

From there, keep going to Barkley's. It used to be one bar with one owner in two different buildings. Now it's two bars with two owners in two buildings.. and everyone will likely still be calling it Barkley's for a few years. Barkley's Margarita Bar has new owners that seem relatively boring. Business seems to have dropped off. Though, if you like NTN you'll find it here. The other side is going to be called something like, "The Chill". It's closed for renovation right now, but will likely open about the time you're arriving. They're doing an awesome Texas Hold'em tournament on Monday nights that's free to enter and cash prizes for the winner. They do lots of other cool events, the Frisco Disco has been going for a few years and usually attracts quite a crowd. Last year they started Drinkin' with Lincoln - all you can drink for $5. Probably scares the hell out of the aforementioned Mercedes SUV owners.

Two other places get an honorable mention - Tuscato's and Farley's. Both are more restaurants than bars, but they're really nice. Farley's just opened, though they ran a restaurant at Copper for several years under the same name. This one is nicer. If you want a great steak and are willing to pay for it, go to Farley's. One place gets a dishonorable mention - Backcountry Brewery.

As far as he rest of the county goes, there's no shortage of drinking establishments, and it sounds like you'll end up in Breck at some point. With that in mind, Gold Pan Saloon Breck is the longest continually operating bar west of the Mississippi. Eric's serves a nice and extremely affordable dinner with a great beer selection (a great all-round place to go.) Fatty's off Ridge St is another good all-round place and with the Backstage Theatre next door you may be able to enjoy a local production. Ullr's is a great place to warm up if you're wandering down the street shopping. The best (dive) bar in the county you won't hear about is The Brown, up the street from Fatty's on Ridge. If you find it, just go in.. the bar is down the hall. Pool, ping pong, darts, lots of history and the best patio no one knows about. Though, I'm not sure how much a good patio matters in December.

As far as the rest..

Keystone - I hate the bars there.. with the exception of The Goat (again, lots of character) and Snake River Saloon (nicer, great restaurant).

Copper - Endo's isn't too bad, but you might also enjoy Double Diamond or Salsa Mountain Cantina. Late night you may enjoy Pravda. JJ's for apres is great - between 3pm and 5pm it's a good place to be. If you go to JJ's and don't like it, go to Salsa.

Dillon - Billiard's is a great place to go for, duh, billiards. Wild Bill's and Arapahoe Cafe both have good bars with great good. Pug Ryan's is overrated for atmosphere, but the microbrew beer is the best in the county.

Silverthorne, you likely won't end up there, but if you take the Summit Stage and have to do a transfer in Silverthorne you can stop off at the ODI (Old Dillon Inn). It's right across the street from the transfer station. On Friday and Saturday nights it's one of the most happenin' places around.

Okay.. that's pathetic I wrote all that.
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