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I just picked up my pair of head monstercross from the shop.Had them fitted with Marker bindings (i had fritschis on them) plus the usual tune-up (base,edges,wax).
I asked about the tune-up and the employee says they had just waxed because "the edges were allready sharp".
(I do my own maint. work on edges,so they are allways sharp but every year i like a full machine job to even base and edges)
I felt even more uncomfortable when said employee adds brightly "i just dulled the edges some on the tips".
I don´t dull edges anymore,not on carving skis,not neccesary,not good.This guy had done a thorough job,deep bevel as far as a handwith behind snow contact point.
I pay and i leave ,vowing not to come back again.
When i get home i notice something weird with the bindings,it can´t be...
Yes,both bindings are mounted 2-3mm off center,and yes both to the same (left) side.
Anybody had this problem?,does it affect the ski a lot?.
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I would take them back. We keep talking about 2-3 MM making a difference on lifters I would think that 2-3mm off center both the same direction would affect the ski (unless you are trying to fix a skier strength/weakness problem (left/right) You might not really notice the difference as most of us compensate some for little differences without really realizing it but why should you put up with poor workmanship.
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I will go back,but i hate these situations because employee-owner will almost allways go into defensive mode.
What would you try?:
-New bindings with different hole pattern (third set of holes!!!)
-Mounting a plate
-Let it be...
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I hate having to go into those situations too. It's always bad news.
moving the bindings may not be a great option because they would have to move the position fore/aft as well to get enough space between holes. MFG's I believe allow for 2 redrills or 3 sets of holes. If you were thinking about adding lifters anyway, look into a hangl plate or some other aftermarket plate..

A lot has to do with your comfort level and your relationship with your shop.
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Yes, DO take them back, but try very hard to be sympathetic to their attempts. you won't do as well with the old "Stimpy, you eeeeeediot!" attitude, no matter how well justified that attitude may be (and in this case, it IS justified).

Sadly, the stuff they've done would go unnoticed by many skiers. I skied for a number of seasons before realizing that new ski bases still need preparation before skiing, even though "the edges are sharp." (Very few mfrs do final post-curing tunes, and I understand from ski industry friends that Volkl probably has the best factory prep of all the major brands.)

Tell them you are choosy about base prep, EVEN with new skis, and that you are particular about where and how your bindings are mounted. Apologize for not telling them that fact BEFORE they mounted the bindings & waxed the bases. Stay calm. You'll probably get good treatment. If you don't, you need to find a new shop!
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I would take them back. If the person at the shop seems hesitant to do anything ask him how he would feel about it he was in your shoes. Go up the chain if you don't get desired results from the shop person, but give him a chance to make it right first.

This is one area that is better with ski/binding systems, the shop monkeys can't drill the wrong holes or offset the gripper.

I usually tell the shop guys to get the ski flat and leave it sharp tip to tail and then I make my own final tune/adjustments.
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Now you know why I have what I have...
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What does the gear head have?
something that required re-wiring the basement for big machinery?

[img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I've had similar experience when buying a set of skis for my daughter. The bindings were mounted about 4cm off center. The toe and heel pieces were complete mis-aligned as well. They offered to remount the binding, but I said no way and insisted on a new pair of skis. It was pretty shoddy workmanship!! Needless to say, I'll never buy any equipment from them again.

They did end up replacing the skis.
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As a recent store mgr and long time ski tech..take them back. Sometimes jigs get bent or are not placed on the ski exactly right. If I was mounting a used ski and saw the binding would be off a bit, i would always make the call to inform the customer of the situation and what it would mean in the way of skiability. If the holes are too close, sometimes a heli coil can be dropped in to get the placement you need.

Bottom line is they screwed up. Any good shop will stand behind their work. Even if it was used, if it can't be mounted correctly now due to their mistakes, they owe you some new boards. Good Luck and keep us informed. May also be good to post the shop name just in case someone here has an in at that shop..could help you out...never know.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dchan:
What does the gear head have?
something that required re-wiring the basement for big machinery?

[img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

I got jigs for every binding we ski.
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Bring this to the shop's attention. You will likely get a good result if the shop has been around for a while and value their reputation.

I had a problem with skis mismounted once (one binding properly mounted the other quite a bit behind the center line mark) To my surprise local mountain ski shop remounted them without charge. On the mountain tech's advice I took them back to the shop that sold me the skis. When I explained what had happened they gave me a entirely new pair of skis this time with correctly mounted bindings.

Other than initially skiing on badly mismounted skis the experience really proved to be no hassle and I had two very pleasent results. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey Phil,

You are going to tell us how great it is to ski the those Volants "that you want real baaaaaaaaaaadd?"

Full description and comparison to the present generation of Volant products.

Can't wait.......... well I guess I can, since I don't have a choice.
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Talk to some local race coaches or masters racers--these people are really picky about who they let work on their skis. Ask them about the best shops and ski techs in your area. You may have to find a new shop, or have a specific tech in your current shop work on your skis in the future.
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I've seen it before. In two of the shops that I worked for, and at a buddy's, we noticed that some of the Marker "spring loaded" mounted jigs would position the jig about 2 to 3-mm off center, to one side, just as you mentioned. I noticed it on a pair of XX's the first time around. It seems that the jigs have a problem on fatter skis. I have used the jigs on skinnier skis with no problems. We always thought this was odd and just watched for it when mounting Marker bingings, especially the Logic series.
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