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Alta Today

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Got in my first day at Alta today- conditions were great. It was about 30 degrees, bright and sunny and the snow was dry and light. I'd meant to just do groomers but found some bumps and hiked for some powder as well- not a lot of powder, mind you, it's been weeks since the last storm- but there was so much snow in October that conditions feel like mid winter. The corderoy was light and creamy- and there was almost no one there. An Alta employee (management in some capacity) I rode the lift with said he'd been up high, Eddie's notch, Gunsight and Third door and the coverage was like late winter. I didn't go up that high (I save that for powder days these days) but did venture onto the backside and found some lovely windslab that was skiable- and would have been a lot more fun if I'd had fatter skis on. For first day cruising groomers it was great in spite of the fact that Collins lift isn't operational yet. Snowbirds just as good I hear and Mineral Basin was open and well covered.
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Is the Glory Hole skiable yet?
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Yep! Saw a guy bomb it in three turns.
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