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Legend 4800 vs. 8000

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Ive been considering a bunch of differet skis lately but I think Ive narrowed it down to either the 4800 or the 8000 paired with P10 bindings.

I only weight 135 lbs and would probably get the ski in 158cm length. I ski in the trees, powder, moguls, and crud for the most part.

I was wondering how the stiffness of the 4800 and 8000 compare to each other and to other skis and if the 8000 may be to stiff for me at 135lbs.

Also, on the dynastar website the 4800 spec. for mass is 2740g for 158cm. Is this heavy compared to most skis or average? Will the weight of the ski efffect my skiing alot, should I be looking at lighter skis.

Thanks a lot.
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Originally Posted by gene126
I ski in the trees, powder, moguls, and crud for the most part.
You may have already bought skis, but I tried both the 4800 and 8000 yesterday. You can see my full reviews under the Review: Dynastar Legend 8000. The 4800 will not perform for you as well as the 8000 in powder or crud.

With respect to the stiffness, I only weigh 150 lbs, level 7 skier, and loved both skis in all conditions, but preferred the 8000. It was light and fun. I bought them at the end of the day in 165 cm. My 230 lb. level 9 father-in-law hated the 4800 b/c they were not stiff enough for him. He loved the 8000. Either way you can't go wrong (but the 8000 just seemed to be a better ski), but if you are looking to ski off piste, go with the 8000s.

Good luck.
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