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Omecarve 9 - Good Rec. Ski for me?

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This seems to be one of the "bargain" (around $300 with binding) 03-'04 skis widely available on ebay. I was not able to demo anything last year, and really just need something better than rentals to help me advance. That said, I ski mostly east coast (about 14 days/yr), and about 5 days in the west every few years. I'm very comfortable in blue and smooth blacks. I mainly want to improve in bumps. I don't ski particularly fast and get a good carve from shaped skis. So anyway, would this be a good ski at this price point? I might be willing to go up to around $400 for something significantly better, but can't swing much more right now.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, I'm, 5'10" 205 lbs and prefer a shorter ski (165-168) for easy turning but dislike chatter in longs arcs. Should I be going up to a 172-175 or do better skis take care of this?
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I demo'ed the Omecarve at one point last year; it is a really sweet ski. It requires very little input to turn. I didn't take it into bumps, so I can't comment on its capabilities there, but Peter Kelty (on tech-support-for-skiers) ranked its bumping abilities highly.

As for long arcs. Be aware that the Omecarve series are essentially watered down slalom race skis. You can get some long arcs out of them, but it's certainly not what it's designed to do. Short to medium radius arcs though are automatic. I demo'ed it in the 165 length, and I'm 6'3", 165 lbs. For my preferences, I wouldn't have gone any longer.
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The Omecarve 09 is a fun ski, but as the previous poster mentioned, it is meant for short slalom turns and will most likely chatter in long arcs. IMO a skier-X model would be a better choice for a "multi-purpose" east coast/groomer ski.
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I just bought the Omecarve 9 off ebay. I got the ski from SnowDealsNow (GREAT service!) for like $250, and the bindings (Look P10) from Cupolos (a little slow with customs but I got the product in a reasonable timeframe) for like $125. I didn't have time to get them mounted before my first ski trip this year, so I cannot comment on that. But I am 5'10" 175" and got the 165's. The skis look awesome and I am really pleased I bought them. My runner up choices were (in order): Volkl 724 AX3 (reason I elected not to buy them is that I wanted a ski that was a little easier to turn, and the Volkl was about 7 cm wider underfoot), Rossi B1 (see Volkl). I considered a Nordica Speedmachine because I like the concept behind the binding system, but I couldn't justify the difference in cost.

I wish I could tell you more, but from someone that really thought a lot about the right ski for Northeast groomers (and from someone who is comfortable on Blue's and smooth Blacks), I went with the Omecarve 9's.

Oh one more thing, my wife is an excellent technical carver, and she skis on the woman's version (ExclusiveCarve), and she absolutely FLIES on those skis. So they definitely have some get-up-and-go.
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Thanks for all your replies. The other skis I was considering were the Volkl 4 Star, Head ic 160, or the k2 omni 5.5/escape 5500. However, I'm leaning toward the Omecarve for price and what I've read.

I was also wondering if the binding system on the Omecarve lets you easily change the mounting length like some of the rail or motion systems without redrilling in case I want to change boots or sell it.
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To my knowledge, the plate will accept only a Look or Rossi binding.
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The Omecarve's binding system is a simple platform to which the binding is attached. Others know much, much more than I do on this topic, but I have the skis in front of me, and they have a plastic platform to which the binding attaches.

As far as the other skis you list, my ski friend has the Head iC160 and he can't say enough about that ski. A lot of people love it. It's not quite as "shaped" as the Omecarve, and I think the chip technology is a bit too sci-fi for me. I would prefer the Dynastar if it had an integrated binding system like Volkl or Elan or Nordica (I know others offer integrated bindings, but those three seem to cover the three categories of integrated binding systems), but for the price it's (in my opinioin) as close to a no brainer as possible.
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So can the postiton of the look binding be easily adjusted without drilling new holes? Enquiring minds want to know.
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I am looking at the binding plate right now, and it appears there are dozens of holes up and down the plate, just waiting to receive your Look or Rossi binding.
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Thanks for the Info, Roto. I'm still a little torn. Should I spend 100 more for the Volkl 4 star? Will these last me longer and take me further? Is it a better all mountain ski if I get into some powder here and there? Argh. I'm just gonna flip a coin.
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The plate is pre drilled to accept a Look binding. You just screw the binding in essentially. Please make sure you have the release and forward pressure checked if you think about mounting them yourself. It's really better to have a shop do the whole thing for you. There are 4 screws and they take a lot of muscle with a screwdriver to get them on correctly. A power screwdriver would over torque the screws. The are not meant to be changed around alot unless you get a couple of sets of screws. The screws will strip rather easily if fooled with alot.

I skied the Omecarve 10 last year. They are a lot of fun in the east. They like lots of short turns, and will get a little testy if you push them into too long a turn. The skis are very user friendly and not bad in the bumps. If you do get some fresh the shovel and tail are wide enough to still be enjoyable.
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You know, I'd suggest this: Get the Dynastar. If you are going to splurge for the Volkl, go for the 5-star. I think getting the 4-star is a half-measure. Volkl seems to be a bit BMW-ish: You pay a slight premium for the name, relative to other very comparable vehicles (Audi, Volvo).

My thinking was this: for the price I am paying for the Omecarve's, I don't mind keeping them three years and upgrading as my skills improve. But when you start increasing the price, you grow less eager to upgrade in time. And part of the fun of skiing is trying new stuff.

I think if you polled this site and made everyone pick ONE ski, the 5-star would win. The 4-star wouldn't get a single vote. That being said, I wouldn't pay a premium for any product that wouldn't get a vote. If I was going to kick in a few extra bucks, I would get something all mountain, something that you will be able to do everything on. But I don't want to introduce a new variable for you.

I am looking at my Omecarve's right now. They are right in front of me. And I can't WAIT to try them. I wouldn't be this excited looking at the 4 stars. Plus the Volkl line goes 4-, 5-, 6-star. Whereas the Dynastar goes (went?) Omecarve 8, 9, 10. I would rather get a mid-level of a lineup than an entry level any day!

Hope this helps. Graphics of course are a matter of taste. Though both red-white-and-blue, the skis look very different. I prefer the Dynastar look to the 4-star; but the all black and yellow 5-star takes the cake.

Please let us know what you decide to do. I am going to Paris tomorrow, so I won't know what you did until next week.

Ed. Note: Correction: It's the 6-Star that's the rocking black and yellow. My mistake.
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Also, as far as which is better all-mountain ... if by that you mean off-piste, I don't think either are really ideal for going in the trees. The omecarve is 64MM underfoot, the 4-star is a slightly "better" 67MM. If you want something that versitile, go for the 7-24 if you want a Volkl or a Legend if you want a Dynastar. You can get a last-year's 7-24 AX3 for about $400 online. That's low 70's underfoot, so it won't carve as sharply but it will be more versitile in glades and in crud. I was seconds away from buying that ski before I admitted to myself that I need to focus on carving and moguls before venturing off-piste. So I went with the ski designed for those activities: the dynastar 9.

Please note that I am only writing so much because i JUST faced the exact decision you are facing. If you want something versitile, try to find an AX-3. If you want something for on trail, go with the Dynastar. Both are in your price ballpark. Both are universally lauded. And both sound geared to your skill level ... and mine!

PS: I bought my Omecarve's two weeks ago. So when I say, I JUST made this decision, I really mean JUST!
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Thanks all for the input.

Well, I went with the Omecarves from Cupolo's. Roto, I was actually thinking the same thing you were about upgrading in a couple of years. Also, the 100 or so extra dollars will go towards footbeds, much more important. Now I'm just hoping I was right about the length - 165. We'll see. In any case, It will sure beet the heck out of badly tuned rentals.

Eastern, don't worry, I will definitely have everything done professionally (getting a hairline ancle fracture skiing when you're 12 can have a long lasting impression on how you look at ski safety features)
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This may sound like a stupid question, but the omecarve 9s are praised for their ability to handle crud and bumps so well, but don't skis that traditionaly favor those conditions have a wider waist with less sidecut?
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i just had my footbeds made and installed and boots fit and stance analysis and binding shims complete. it cost 200 bucks, but i think it will be worthwhile. the skishop said the omecarve's are awesome. not great for crud of off trails of course. but on groomers, they said, the skis will fly. they classify them as a slolom ski, given the skidecut.

i hope you like them! let's stay in touch about what we think!! i am 5'10" 175 pounds and i got the 165's too.
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Also Aschick,

As far as a comparison goes, a worker in the ski shop that mounted mine said the closest comparison to the Omecarve 9's would be Atomic's SL:9.
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So I finally got out there on the new Omecarve 9's this weekend. If you ever get yours from Cupolos ... you will LOVE them! They rocked. I never felt more secure and confident on a ski. Granted, I am still pretty lame out there, but I am considerably less lame than before. I had a ton of fun on them and I reallly got up a lot of speed (for me). I really hope you get yours from Cupolos. They are a great product!

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Roto, Good to hear you had a blast. I hope cupolos comes through, but I'm not holding my breath.
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