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Dynastar Candide Pro

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How are these as a moguls/tree ski @ 180? Any better options for the East?

Is Rossi B2 @182 comparable?
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dynastar candide pro? or salomon candide pro? Candide Thovex has been sponsored by Sallie for a few years now i think....unless you're referring to the dynastar model from a few years back?

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I have the dynastar pro's in a 165, and they're fairly stiff and lively for their class. Not super soft at all (I think they have metal in the layers). I like em, but they're a bit nervous at speed (might be the length though). Good tree bashing skis though, as they can take some mean abuse. I'd look more toward the K2 public enemy though, as a lot of people seem to love em.
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If you're referring the the ski from 01/02, that's what I have in a 180. As mentioned, they're stiffer than most twins and narrower too. I like them because they're good for fall line bump bashing without being useless everything else like full blown mogul skis.

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Yes meloboy, from a few years back.
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I picked up two pairs of brand new Dynastar Candide Pro at 180, just the boards, for about 90 USD(total). Can't get any more though...

Got my first pair mounted up with Rossi axium 120's and am waiting for snow in the Alps...

Think they'll be great as an all mountain ski, good lenght, not too wide an plenty stiff. Felt as stiff as the pair of Rossi 9x powers they are replacing.

(boot, also new for this season: Atomic T11, in lime green, looks great with the Dynastar graphics....)

Have a good winter!
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Candide pro's ROCK!

Shame they don't make them no mo...

good at everything with only one weakness: they don't build speed very quickly. But they do behave well at speed for a non racing twin tip ski.

Very all purpose! very Niiiiiice
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