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What to wear on slopes?

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Just curious how you guys layer it down for day on the slopes. Brands, specific jackets, layers etc. What really works for you on a sunny or snowy day. What goggles do you prefer; lens color, which ones work better in specific light conditions.

Thank you all in advance.
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(patagonia) capilene base
lightweight fleece over
(descente, BRIGHTEST yellow i could find) hard shell on top, depending on weather/necessity

(same idea)
(lowe "triple-point ceramic" powder pants when necessary)

jettison the fleece when warm
different goggles depending on light
padded leather racing gloves when cold; no-frills reusch when not
silk socks under, regular ski socks over
balaclava? got one, can't spell it.
helmet: check!
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Patagonia capilene midweight base layers
Sometimes silk weight if it's a spring day or something
Marmot windstopper fleece or Mountain Hardware 300mil fleece(for really cold days)
Marmot Rubicon shell
North Face gloves
Giro helmet
Smith Messenger goggles
Capilene base layer on legs
North Face guide pant or Marmot Randonee pant
Smartwool ski socks
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I prefer one of those Jester hats.
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smartwool thin socks
Mid bergelene top+bottom
Oakley snowboard pants (non-insulated)
North Face Guide Jacket
Windbloc fleece
EMS gore tex gauntlet mittens, no glove liners (fleece inside already)
Bergelene balaclava if its really cold
Giro Canyon Helmet
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A thong, & ski bibs.

A scarf if I feel jolly.
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Anyone who is truly "in the know" wears blue strech pants.
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yeeeeaaaah baaaaaaaabyyy
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I can't think of anything amusing.

Patagonia capilene mid-weight, top & bottom
Patagonia shell-type pants
Usually some kind of shirt, if only to look vaguely respectable indoors
Patagonia fleece pullover
Patagonia jacket (pretty much a shell, with a little insulation)
Thin silk socks
Ski boots
Leather gloves
A hat (not jester)
Goggles, yellow lenses

Obviously, this can be varied for temperature, weather and other stuff. I also have a Dale sweater, that usually replaces both the pullover and jacket. I also have some heavy wool Filson pants for a retro look.
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I hate to drop designer names but you'll never see me on the slopes without 3M brand duct tape.
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Rio, when -are- you going to step up to race room gaffer's tape? Or is that for the kids now?
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What about what I started out in when I was a nipper (actually 10 years old)?

cotton sox, with an outer wool sock
cotton thermal underwear
wool pants
wool sweater (made by my mom)
wool jacket (also made by my mom)
wool mittens (guess who made these?)
wool hat (one more time)

I don't wear any cotton or wool now, but my mom doesn't make my clothes either.
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white ripcurl pants, yea they were my sisters but i dont care
the new ripzone camo coat
helly hansen underliner thinger. its like underarmour
hot chilly socks
pijama pants.
i only got one pair of gogs and there like the orangy colour.
salomon helmet with a bandana. the helmet fits weird so the bandana pullsmy ears back:P
a sweater or just a long sleeved shirt.
i got a balaclava but only wore it in tremblant.

my friend has a bear suit im going to wear sometime too. itll be sweet.
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Helly Hansen Verglas Shell
North Face Fleece Jacket
Helly Hansen Lifa Lonsleeve
Helly Hansen Verglas Pant
North Face Base Layer Sweats
Long Underwear
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Phenix (Norge) Jacket and Pants
Phenix Vest
CoolMax Long sleve shirt
Runners tights for under ski ski pants.
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A Starter NFL jacket
an old wool hat
Ratty blue jeans
Work Gloves (no kidding, I really saw this once... or twice!)

Karbon Parka (Red/White/Navy)
Spyder pants (Navy)
Duofold long undies
North Face capilene base t neck
Long sleeve T shirt
Polarfleece vest if it's really cold
Smartwool socks
Dale wool hat for regular days, helmet for bomber days
Swany Gloves
Carrera World Cup goggles
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From extremely unsophisticated dresser who'd shop a lot at Walmart if there was one near my house: modern long johns, weather resistant shell jacket and pants, wool/poly blend sox, everything else off the shelf. Mostly generic brands, except jacket which is old Roffe. Ski mostly in the mid-Atlantic, where you can often get away with very inefficient and/or low tech clothes. I'm on tight family budget and only get to slopes 10-20 times per season, funding slanted towards lift tickets, not wardrobe. Still have some 1970s type accessories like what pheft and gatecrasher mention and use occasionally to outfit family (cheap leather work gloves w/ fluffy cotton lining are very comfortable on dry days). Darn kids tend to grow and usually get new, off the shelf winter coats each school year. No doubt, people who ski/ride daily in severe cold temps or deep powder can benefit from a higher ski clothing budget than mine.
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Designer duct tape. I have black on my Grandoe gloves.

Other then that it depends on out I feel like. Always have my custom painted Spa Yellow Pearl helmet, either my Red Spyder or Yellow/Black Gor-Tex North Face coat. Black North Face Gor-Tex pants one of two types of radio's one is a portable Yasu Ham the other a Motorola 2 watt 10 channel. Carrera goggles either rose lens or mirror. Norht Face 200wt fleece or if it warmer North Face Sentinal wind stopper fleece. Wicking light weight underwear with a wicking mid weight T neck from Campmor or Sierra Trading Post. Thin socks inside my Tecnica Orange boots. Oh yea, don't forget the Turttle fur Shellaclaver in either red or black.

If you think that is good, my son is a big Arc'teryx fan
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Yah, there was thread on those in August i think? Most people don't know this but if you look on the back of your ski pass, there is some lnaguage that says if you wear this product you are subject to physical abuse.

I am a arc' fan.
Smartwool ultra thin socks.
EMS techwick shirts-base and mid.
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