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Metron B:5 vs Metron R:EX

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I need a new set of skis for Western NY. Mostly hardpack but often we get deeper (10"for us) pow. I also need them to move west with. I'm already sold on the Atomic Metron series for their versatility. I was thinking M:EX or B:5's. I already have some line 1260's for mogules so that's not an issue. How do the B:5's compair to the EX's in pow, eastern ice and hardpack? The Ski mag's i subscribe to haven't even mentioned the B:5's in their reviews, what the deal?
-Westcoast or bust-
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EX has a 17 to 19M turn radius, The B5 11-13.

You are comparing Apples & oranges!
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I have the Metron X1. The Metron 5 will deliver the performance you are looking for on ice and hardpack superior to the EX based on ski construction. The Metron 5 with its magnesium power rods and Beta 5 construction will be a great hard snow carving ski that will also float in the powder.

I would expect the EX to represent superior powder performance but the # of powder days that it would be vastly superior to the 5 are probably limited to days when it snows a foot or more. I skied my Metrons for two days earlier this month and the first day we had 10-12 inches of snow. They were fantastic in the powder as well as the cut up snow. On groomers they were equally good. The Metron 5 is going to give you a lot of rebound out of the turn and incredible edge hold.
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Edge hold...sounds good to me. So if what your saying is right, I'll be beter off with with the b:5's since there isn't much pow around here.
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They turn tight. In the 162 (fine for me at 180lbs and 6'), they have an 11m turn radius. With that 127mm shovel, they float in the powder, too, according to those I've talked with who have had the experience...
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See my review thread for more on the b5.
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Search for " Atomic m-ex & b5 " . There is a good thread on the comparison of these skis from a few of us that got into four days of epic Fernie powder last spring plus finishing the season on them.
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I thought all of the models of Atomic I tried really were too hooky and way to short. Go for the Volkl 724 or 724 Pro or K2 Apache Recon or Hellfire.

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