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If you were to win a free trip

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If you were to win a free ski trip, where would you pick? Let's say it's one week long, trip for two. For kicks, pick one in each of the following categories: Local, Domestic, International.

Given my limited experience (New England, Park City), I am basing much of mine on word-of-mouth and advertising.

Local: Stowe, Vermont (seems to be New England's most idylic town and most attractive ski area)
Domestic: Heavenly, Tahoe (the photos of the view of the lake from the mountain are amazing)
International: Zermatt, Switzerland (something like 10,000 ft. vert and lunch in Italy, nice!)
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local: mammoth (since i have a pass, i'd have to opt for the ski-in/ski-out to milk every penny of the "winnings.")

domestic: big sky

int'l: a week in las lenas or portillo in august would work.
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Portillo looks awesome. Also, then you get to be cooler than everyone that asks you where you are going on vacation, and you get to answer "skiing" ... in August.
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local: Silverton
domestic: um.. JH
int'l: Bansko, Bulgaria or Chamonix
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local (at least NE): Stowe
domestic: Telluride
int'l: Lech
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Local: Sugarloaf

National: ahhhhh Jackson Hole
(but if were talking canada here: Fernie)

International: ummmmm, ahhhhhh Antartica - can I say that? - ANTARTICA!
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Our 'local' ski area is 700 miles away so I guess any of the Rockies will be 'local'.

Local - Snowmass

Domestic - Banff

International - New Zealand
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Local: Killington
Domestic: Whistler
International: Zermatt or somewhere in Chile
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Hey Sheena, no fair! Whistler is not domestic if Killington is local. But if we extended "Domestic" to be all of North America, I'd be right along with you, nearly 3 for 3!
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Local: Copper
Domestic: Alta/Bird
Internatinal: New Zealand all the way baby!

Luckily, my international ski dream will come true in May.
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Local for me now means an airplane trip from FL!
Domestic: Jackson Hole
Canada (Almost domestic w/ international airfares)
International: St. Anton
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Local: Whistler
Domestic: JH
Int'l: Chamonix
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Local: JH

Domestic: Snowbird

International: Verbier

Exotic: South Georgia Island (retrace Shackleton's route)

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somewhere in the alps. id love to goto switzerland to ski.
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The Canyons, UT
St. Anton am Arlberg
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I am easy to please.
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International: ummmmm, ahhhhhh Antartica - can I say that? - ANTARTICA!
In the lab that I worked in at MGH, my boss had a sticker on the door from the Mt Erebrus Ski Club (McMurdo Station, Antartica). He had spent 6 austral summers there doing research. Evidently the skiing was not really that good- besides the numbing cold, Antartica is really a frozen desert, and they do not get all that much snowfall.
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local: Mt. Hotham
domestic: Mt Ruapehu (if those in the USA can claim Canada as domestic, I'll claim New Zealand)
int'l: Whistler or anywhere in Austria, Switzerland or Chamonix
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Local: Jay Peak (Because it's the only major east mt I've never skied)

Domestic: Snowmass (I heard it's good for ski in ski out with a family and I'd want to ski with my wife and kid)

International: Whistler/Blackholm
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Local: Jay Peak
Domestic: Jackson (haven't been there - yet)
International: Alps, maybe Davos?
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Killington- just cuz it's big, and I haven't been there.

Vail- cuz it's 'spensive, so if I ain't payin...

Chamonix- cuz I likes the name!
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Local: W/B
Domestic: Wiegele's heli ski or CMH Heli-ski
International: hmmmm..... zermatt? Chamonix?
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Local: Nub's Nob (ugh)
Domestic: Whistler
International: Portillo (my grandparents live there to boot)
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Considering I live in the mid Atlantic, I'll call the entire eastern US Local.

Local: Whiteface or Jay
Domestic: CMH
International: Charmonix
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Local: Snowshoe, WV (heck, it is better than Sugar Mtn, NC)
Domestic: JH ( was on the to do list this year, but got bumped by a member of our "ski group". He's no longer a member.
International: Zermatt
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