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Artest, what a pro. I'm glad Stern suspended him for the entire season. Jackson should also sit out the season. The fans involved should be charged.
Many of the NBA players have very little self control and discipline.

"You may recall that after Artest racked up $155,000 in fines, eight flagrant fouls, 12 games in suspension and 26 court-ordered therapy sessions during the 2002-03 season, he promised that 2003-04 would be different."

Yeah right.
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...Ron Artest jerseys suddenly begin selling like never before.

("Bad News" Marvin Barnes would be jealous.)

Only a matter of time before someone gets capped or gaffed.

At least they canned his idiotass for the season.
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2004-2005 is different. He got thown out for the whole season. So he kept his promise. (Remember he didn't say he would be good, just different.)
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I was thinking about Ron Artest and wondering why that talented man can't act like a professional. I just suddenly realized I have had this thought before regarding someone else: Bobby Knight!!

To me, it is very depressing watching talented guys act like tempermental schoolyard bullies. Nelson (on the Simpson's) is an angel in comparison.
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Wow, had to do a double take on that one: thought you said Simpson was an angel in comparison. :

I love miss-reads, they're always so shockingly entertaining.
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The guy who threw the cup is a real piece of work also:
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