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Radical gear change

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We are still waiting for the snow here in the East but I would like everyones input to the following scenario. Went out and bought all new gear: skis with intergal bindings, and boots. Purchased Volkl 5* 175's with piston control bindings and Technica Rival SX boots. I am coming off much older Head Cyber 24X, 190 or 200 not sure (but the longest available at that time) and again older Technica T3 boots. I am a strong intermediate skiier (I think) 51 yo. 6', 220 Lb. Am I to expect a whole new world of skiing experience? Would appreciate input to potential pitfalls, technique changes, etc. "Too much time and not enough time". Thanks:
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Mr. Hazmat,

I'm 5' 10", 210lb. I've skied the 5* 175s. They are really sweet. Don't expect a whole new world (the Cybers were shaped skis), but do expect to be impressed. Very impressed. Did I say they were really sweet? But you might want to wait for the base depth to build up before taking them out
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Depending on your typical style of skiing, you may need to work a bit at keeping your feet hip-width apart. These more radically shaped skis really need the room between your legs to go to work. Spend some time here on the site, too, in threads like the Perfect Turn and Those Turns Illustrated. These will help to make a very big difference in the way you approach skiing. They certainly did for me!
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