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Originally Posted by oboe
For those of you who don't know or haven't skied with RiDeC, he is not an afficionado of "conditions". He is an Equal Opportunity Skier - if the lifts are running and frozen water in one form or another is on the hill and can be slid down, he does not discriminate. I've seen this guy hit a patch of ice as if it were smooth packed powder. The consumate eastern skier - Stowe is as far west as he's skied! He would rather light a candle than curse the darkness.

Power to you, RiDeC!
That pretty much describes us in australia too! The season here can be pretty damn short (july-september) a long season for us is june - september....a couple of seasons recently (2000 and 2003 come to mind) where the hills here have closed with a large base (for us that 150cm/5 feet) but once that calendar hits mid september people start thinking of the beach

I have a season pass for Mt Hotham here and will be skiing from start to end - but this years a little different - I have a telemark setup so I can learn something new when theres only beginner/intermediate terrain open
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Checkracer said it all. If you're going to extend the season, quality of late season is way better than quality of early season. If there's a big dump early (see ryan's pic from Mammoth in October) I'll make an exception and go for it. But Mammoth is great in May at least 90% of seasons. Check out this video from last Saturday May 7: http://www.adventurefilmworks.com/Videos/May7.mov
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