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K2 Fatties for 03-04?

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Anyone out there that know whats up with K2 fatskis for next season? Do they gonna make any new ski models for next year?

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I've seen the new K2 Launchers. Same 12.0 sidecut.

The big change is the new graphics and light mod construction. The graphics are red and Axis looking. The mod construction is very slight, kind of like this years 5500. Theres only a tiny little hump up the middle. It's so small in comparison to the ski, I question whether it really does that much.
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Nobody knows where I can see a picture on these "new" skis?
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If it's width you're after...
Axis XP: 115/78/105 (16mm)
AK Enemy: 118/90/108 (12mm)
AK Launcher: 119/88/105 (12mm)

But if it's sidecut...
Axis XR: 106/64/95 (18mm)

I'm not aware of any information being in the public domain yet.

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I have the K2 Brochure for '03 and it appears that only the colors of the Launcher changed slightly (plus the MOD), the AK Enemy has some skulls or demons that are a bit more discernable on the tips and the XP looks very close to the Axis X Pro color scheme and design. I think that a lot of folks looking for a forgiving, slightly bigger than midfat will like the XP. However, the line is pretty similar to this year's. The XP is a good ski, but not a breakthrough of any sort, contrary to how it might be marketed by K2. It also felt like more of a subtle ski comapred to Atomic and Volkl's fat offerings.
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