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How much of a ski nut are you?

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i'll start
i named my dog Rossi :P
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well, i spent 25 days skiing last season and 11 at the beach. i'm 1100 miles from the nearest ski resort and 50 from the beach. oh, and forgot to add my parents have a beachhouse on the beach.
yes, i have a skiing problem !
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why would you EVER go to Galveston ?!?

That place is DANK.

But how do you afford 25 days of skiing?
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why would you EVER go to Galveston ?!?

That place is DANK.
yeah, but i'd take the mountains over miami too.

and despite what you may have been told, computer programming still pays pretty well.
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It's 1985 miles from my house to where i ski----I only get in two trips a year-----but I do ski about 45 days.

I DRIVE the trip TWICE each year.
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wowza. Here I am complaining about driving 2.5 hours to Kmart to ski.
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As you brought up time mangusPAH----it's 31 3/4 hours behind the wheel. I get there in 41-42 hours.

I've done this for years--- and ready------the car has about 320,000 miles on it-------so go see your local Saturn Dealer !

PS---Say hi to the folks at Nassiffs next time you are in !
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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie
It's 1985 miles from my house to where i ski----I only get in two trips a year-----but I do ski about 45 days.
I´m deeply impressed.
I promise stop complaining about my 375 miles to the Alps.
It reminds me of what I heard back in the 80´s.
The Russian racers were training in the Far East (Kamchatka near Japan) and in Siberia. When the season was about to start they took their "Westward Ho" ride to the Alps.
On the Russia/Poland border, maybe still the distance Uncle Louie has to cover, they were happy and relaxed "to be almost there".
And then Zhirow beat Stenmark three times in a row at the end of the season.
(And then he killed himself in a car. Zhirow, that is.)
Uncle, you will be the hero in our January (Czech) SNOW magazine. Your feat MUST be published and made known in Europe!
Would you have a foto (300 kB+, not necessarily)?
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I am impressed too. THis past summer, I went to SF (for a friend's graduation). A friend and I took a day off and spent 11 hours traveling back and forth between SF and Mammoth Mnt to ski for 3 hours (in the rain with high wind until lifts closed down). Of course we got yelled at because other people in the group were sight-seeing. They just don't get it. NOTHING beats skiing.
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When I go on trips out west I generally will not sleep the first night in anticipation of the skiing! Of course then I crash and burn the next night.

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Geeze, Unka, that's 176 miles a day for 45 days. My round-trip daily commute to where I teach skiing is 120, but last season I did that 96 times (11,500 miles to your 8,000 miles). I also drove an additional 500 miles for 14 other days and 730 round trip to ski one last day (#111 for the season). Ski Brule anyone?
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240 miles every weekend from early Nov to the end of April. That has only been for last year and this year now that my son drives up to my house from his moms. From 1996 until last year it was more like 300 every weekend, as long as we didn't have race to drive to on top of that distance. Let alone all the trips in the summer and fall to go DH mountain biking at Killington and to work on the house in VT.

I have only skied the past two weekends but have been in VT the past five weekends.
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Still ski about 40 days both locally and trips to the west.

But for 20+ years skied 75-100 days...including 4 sons and my wife. Taught and then ran a small, local ski school which meant skiing/teaching 5-7 days a week during prime time....in the evenings during the week and then weekends. Started racing programs and traveled with the racers almost every weekend. That meant picking up the racers after school and driving 300-500 miles to the race site somewhere in the upper midwest, 2 days of coaching and racing, the mad Sunday night drive home (didn't always make it due to weather). Any break in the routine was used to take a local trip or fly to Denver or Utah for a long weekend of skiing. And season end usually meant a 2 week ski vacation in Colorado. Did I mention that I usually skied in Colorado in early Dec, weather permiting.

My wife gave me a plaque many years ago that read:

"We interrupt this marriage to bring you the ski season"

By the way, I could not move as I was running 2 businesses and traveling the world (except in winter) and racking up 100000+ airline miles. I usually put about 20000 miles on my car between Dec 1- Mar 31 with my midwest ski travels.

Great fun but I get tired just thinking about doing it.
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You know, Uncle Louie, you posts would make a lot more sense if you put your home location on your threads or at least in your bio so we could place you. 1985 miles from where? Alaska?

Myself, 3-4 times a week to our little hill it is 35 minutes one way. Once a year to either Colorado or Utah or NM a trip of 1600-1800 miles one way, usually takes us two and half days pulling our 5th wheel trailer.

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I think you win the prize. You made a very large effort to ski and planned your life around it as well. I grew up skiing on a smallish hill 750 verts and still ski every weekend on a short hill. I feel fortunate its just a little over an hour away and affords me the opportunity to ski every weekend and an occasional night. The passion that skiers have that have skied thousands and thousands of runs on a short hill when they get to travel to a mountain resort and ski is unrivaled. It becomes so satisfying to ski a run that is 1500- 2000 vertical.
I remember riding up the lift years ago with a guy at our local area that told me with pride that when he skis out west , that he doesn't go in for lunch and skis the whole day without stopping. It was just that special and incredible for him.

I'm not inferring that everybody that does their skiing on a "big" mountain gets jaded, but unless the majority of your skiing is done on a short hill , I think its hard to understand what a treat it is to have a several minute run to the bottom versus 30 seconds. With this weather we can't seem to escape from, I'd give just about anything for that 30 second rush about right now though.
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I am more of an equipement nut. But I have been known to do Killington for a day trip from Philly. Does an $8,000 Montana count? and rewiring the house w/220 to use it?
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Wow you guys.... and I thought my 170 miles roundtrip every weekend was bad. I even overnight on Sat. so I only have to drive it once.

This year I'm even flying to Albany before driving the rest of the way to Kmart. How do you guys do it?
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Booked January trip in September - it's a 9 hr drive for 4 days of skiing.

Booked March break trip in October.

Does buying new skis in the summer count?

My wife asked yesterday if we'd make it to 45 times on hill this year. We are about 1.25 hrs one way from the home hill, and make that drive every Sat and Sun -- that's 5 hrs per weekend, 4 are spent on HWY 400 -- divided 3 lanes each direction miminum (it's 6 lanes each way in Toronto, which merge quickly to 4). General speed of traffic is about 70-75 mph, and is usually weather independent. What some states call a state of emergency is considered a nice day here....

Already outfitted the kids in October. Their equipment as soft and forgiving as possible -- both kids can flex their boots without modifications. Skiis are quite soft too. Both kids are under 8 -- neither has 4 buckle boots.
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I tell you what, I'm impressed, seriously , that's pretty hard to beat. I have a comment on the equipment part- ski gear. I remember the first time I went to A -Basin and I was going up the Palli Lift (believe me coming down was not very impressive) I saw a guy coming out of the trees on a pair of K2 812's old rear entry boots and he just starting skimming offthe tops of the bumps from bump to bump. Anyway , I had had a pair of 812's about 5 years earlier and that scene just reinforced to me that all the money I had spent on ski equipment was a joke after watching this guy ski .
This guy and so many more that I have seen over the years just amaze me with their fluidity and touch skiing on stuff that couldn't be sold at a ski swap.

One of my favorite pictures was from a few years ago in Powder Magazine. They did an article on WildCat, New Hampshire and they had a picture of a local, Bigelow Crocker (think I remeber the name correctly) and he's skiing in a Woolrich Hunting coat carving a perfect turn on what looks to be old Head Standards and maybe lace boots.

I have to remind myself in both golf and skiing sometimes its the Indian not the arrow.
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I forgot to mention that the home hill, is 85 meters tall.....
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This should be a poll. A flawed poll.
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Wow, you guys are great. Reading these posts give me inspiration and awe. The people in my lab and school think I am nuts. Me, I just love skiing. Besides work, nothing beats it. Even then, I have rearranged experiments around snow conditions and resort openings.
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EWR to SLC... 5-6X/yr. during ski season with my wife, my 9 year old and my 5 year old. We all have season passes and we all get in at least 30-35 days/yr. Additionally, a yearly summer trip to Austria with 4/5 days carving up Hintertux/Kaprun.
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My wife and I live in Eagle, Colorado, about 20 min. from Beaver Creek and 30 min. from Vail. Yet, we go on a winter ski vacation every year.

Everytime we discuss moving somewhere else, the catch is always "how close are we to THE GOODS!".

Ski dreams normally start in July. Passionate skiers we know tell us to SHUT UP about skiing.

We drove 4 hrs each way on 11/14 to Wolf Creek so we could ski the woods.

Is this wacky enough?????
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ok, all of you guys need help or a season pass !

this is great. i thought i was alone with this skiing fixation, but a lot of you guys have me beat by miles(or vertical feet) !
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I went to work thinking this thread might be dead---and laughed all day-----I sense a doubter in the audience----Ott---YOURE ON.

The reason I haven't "given away my identity" is that I know a lot of folks here and have been away from the reaching areana for awhile and didn't want to "give myself up" just yet. So I'll try to answer w/o doing that, but still give you the info. (btw---like your posts)
The first 4 times I made the trip was before I worked in the west---the very first being with Moe Dixon (Copper Folks---any time now)----then 6 seasons working in Summit County---all made from southern VT---slightly longer than now.

Now since I got out of teaching in 1992 I have made the trip 11 times---and flew it once cause I only had a week.

If you go 3 miles east of my home---you are in the Atlantic Ocean. "Stars and Bars" fly here and this is NASCAR terratory.

skicougar---couldn't do it w/o a Vail Resorts pass. and I carry my surfboard to work most days here.

Kneale----you get PAID when you go---as in working---lucky you !
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Although I am still in school(about to finish), I do all my planning around skiing/ski trips. Right now I am 12 hours driving time from the closest mountains. I make 3 trips every year to ski. This February I am taking my first heli trip to the north cascades. And, in May I move to New Zealand to ski for the season down there. All of this being paid for by working in an outdoor shop part time and still going to school. All my friends head to the beach for vacations, they even have houses down there so it's free, but I choose to hit the mountains instead.....by myself. It's OK though because when I'm on the mountain nothing else really exists.
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I got an amazzzzzzing job in Reno and I'm building my house 10 minutes from Mt Rose, 20 minutes from Diamond Pk, 45 min to Squaw and Heavenly, 90 to Kirkwood, about 2 hours to Mammoth. I have seaons passes at Heavenly and Rose.

And my dad lives in Aspen. My girlfriend near Ft Lauderdale but she will move to the Tahoe area.

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Does becoming an adaptive ski instructor count as being a ski nut?

(I am also a computer nut. I had a cat named Pixel.)
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I don't consider myself a "ski nut", but I have had my share of raised eyebrows. Here is one of my strange ones:

Once or twice a year I drive from Toronto to Mont Tremblant (about 750km or 7 hours) through the night. I arrive at 8:00AM and ski the rest of the day. Then I sleep there and ski the next day and at the end of the day I drive right back to Toronto.

I have not decided what is more difficult:
1) drive 7 hours and then ski for 6 hours or
2) ski 6 hours and then drive for 7 hours.

I only do this when I am alone (my wife would never stand for this crazyness) and only if work does not permit more time off.
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