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Messed up my skis bad...

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So I have not skiid in like 15 years..and today went out for the first time since. Skis are SX11s in 180. These things like to turn..so there I am ...fully heeled over in a right hander and BOOM, something hits my foot..plenty of snow..no rocks sticking out. Check the ski at the bottom of the run...the edge on one side is displaced upwards and is separated from the base/biody of the ski leaving a rather large gap where they separated. Is this something easy to get fixed or am I looking at alot of $$, I assume sending them back to atomic is my best bet?
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since I did the same thing about a year ago... You're probably screwed. Go to the best shop you can and try to get it fixed. Mine pulled back out immediately, and most likely you won't get a warranty on it as it's impact damage (and obviously so).
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Yeah..everything I read says edge damage is usually permanent, this just ticks me off, whatever I hit wasnt even visible and in the middle of the freakin trail, It sickens my stomach to be out 400 bucks on skis that I only got to use once.
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That is sad. I hope Atomic helps you out at least a little.

There is a lesson in this for all of us -this is the reason rock skis were invented - to use when conditions/snowbase are not ideal.
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Well even if they are not fully repairable, you can always ski with the damaged side so that it is on your outside edge. Let a shop have a look at them and see what can be done. They are able to do some amazing repairs sometimes.

Early season skiing is always hard on equipment no matter how careful you are. That's why I'm not bringing out the new gear till there is at least a 150cm+ base
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Bummer. Just have the edge cut out and have them make it flush. Use an outside ski as suggested -- a few pairs aog I ended up w/ both outside edges gone -- skied fine. AFA not using your skis early season, I dunno, never stopped me; you have to be careful but sometimes you just get unlucky.
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Yeah...I guess these just got relegated to early season duty, I dropped them off at the shop today and they are sending them to atomic to see what they say, the shop says they will fix them for like 45 bucks or so if atomic won't warranty them..but has no idea how it would hold. But if it was on the outside edge it would never get stressed that much..good idea..thanks for the advice.
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Like said above you are likely screwed to some extant. Atomic MIGHT offer a single (used ski) for a minimal price to help out. It is unlikely they will outright warranty them. I ripped a good 10cm chunk of edge out of my R10s last year and the guys did an amazing job that is still holding on the outside edge. I'm not counting on it holding for good and I had lots of good skiing out of them first so yours is definitely a worse deal. Good luck on it.
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Sorry for your mishap but I have to question way after not skiing for 15 years you bought SX11's. That is a pretty demanding ski for someone who has not skied in 15 years. I hope you took or will take a lesson next time your out. A lot has changed in 15 years.
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I never claimed to use common sense...I read reviews of the type of skiing I used to do..the sx11s got good reviews and I got an ok deal..I didn't think it would be that big of a deal...I could still ski them..albeit it sliding them everywhere at the extreme turns , I only fell a few times after my 15 year hiatus, towards the end of the day I was going alot faster without falling. I think I did ok *shrugs*
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Hey wickedsprint, sorry about your mishap. I just bought SX:11's in 170, haven't skied them yet. I'm about 5'9 and 190 + lbs. I'm encouraged that you liked them and said they like to turn. so many people say they only like to go fast. How were they for short turns for you, like in steeper sections where you didn't want to go fast?
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Remember a few things..I am lighter than you..and don't really know what Iam doing, but mine are 180s, and turning is effortless for gentle turns, they are very easy to skid if you want to do that all day like I do (I have no desire to carve a perfect turn..I just want to have fun and I love to go sliding everywhere) Binding position makes a very noticable difference..ski a run or two and change up the setting, one click back from extreme seemed to work the best for me. The only thing I did not like about them..and likely from me being rusty, is they got a littler nervous going through the bumps/crusty icy stuff and mini moguls at speed, but then I would just skid them completely sideways across the trail to bleed off the speed, but yeah..on the steep stuff they will build speed in a hurry, much more so than I was comfortable with on my first time out in awhile.
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You're lucky I'm not the guy who gets to look at the skis to determine if they wet warrantied. I'd try to find a single to replace it with, but I wouldn't give you a new pair. This same scenario could be replaced by a brand new car and driving into a wall. Is the manufacturer obligated to replace the car or fix it for free? Sometimes bad stuff happens to good people.
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I'm surpised that you weigh less then 190 pounds but are on a 180 SX 11. How tall are you?

There are plenty of better skis out there to let you smear your turns but I guess you were set on these skis or got an unbeleivable deal.

Were you sliding sideways when you blew out your edge?

It doesn't hurt to see what Atomic says about the damage.
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I never said it was atomics fault, but since they get shipped back for free what do I have to lose? It was one of those unavoidable situations cause I went back to where I felt the thump..and could see anything sticking out from the snow. I was in a turn leaned over pretty good when I tagged the edge. The bases still look almost brand new..save for the few tiny lines from ice sections or whatnot...and then the gouge that starts like 1CM from the edge, whatever I hit..I barely hit as it ONLY cought the edge.
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Depending on how big of a section you ripped out and how much damage, if any, you did to the ski, other than at the edge, a good shop can cut the old edge out and epoxy in a new piece of edge that, unless you ski like Shane McConkey will more than likely stay in.

You can even do it yourself.
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