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Big White Accomidations

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my family and i are thinking about going to big white around the end of March. how is the skiing around the end of march? also wed like a ski in/ski out accomidation and private hot tub. any suggestions on the Alpine Lodge? like has anyone been there and what did you like and dislike? or dos anyone else have any recommendations to our "preferences"
thanks in advance.
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My wife and I spent 10 days at the Whitefoot Lodge (center of town) 2 seasons back. It was a condo unit, so we were able to cook there which helped us save a little.

We loved Big White. People ski through 'main street' (no cars), so we literally skied into town to get lunch and to our hotel at the end of each day - super convenient. The exchange rate also made Canada a great deal at the time - this year it will be a little less favorable, but still... We also found that the place was super well designed for families (not our case).

The mountain itself is big and offers plenty of skiing - you shouldn't get bored there. There is everything from treeless rocky steeps, chutes, glades, bowls, and backcountry/out-of-bounds skiing. Locals were super friendly and most of the time we found folks who wanted to show us their favorite runs.

The only negative is that Big White is known locally as 'Big White-out' due to fog which rolls in not infrequently. If you happen to run into this, however, you can catch a shuttle to Silver Star (about an hour+ away) which has its own charms (smaller than BW though) - and no fog.

You'll have a great time there.
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I ski Big White frequently however as it is the local hill I don’t tend to rent accommodation. That said I’d definitely consider the Stonebridge as it has the best location on the mountain and has rooms available with private hot tubs, pictures of the rooms are available on the Big White Website, www.bigwhite.com. The second choice I’d have is Black Bear, which are townhouse units with private hot tubs and is pretty well located. The Whitefoot is very well located, but I don’t think they have rooms with private hot tubs available the same goes for the White Crystal Inn.

Conditions at the end of March are generally very good, fog can frequently be a problem earlier in the year, but it has cleared up by March and there is still plenty of snow. As a family hill Big White is excellent, the ski school for Kids is rated quite highly and they have events on most nights for children. Another nice feature for families is Big White generally does not normally get that cold, which is a bonus if you have children. Terrain wise big white has excellent beginner and intermediate terrain, including a nice bowl and some great glade skiing. There are some good expert runs, some more advanced glades and a short steep bowl with a new lift this year. Additionally there is an extensive new Terrain park that will be lighted for night skiing and has its own lift that is new this year. The one complaint I have regarding the terrain at Big White is the Lack of double diamond expert only runs of any length, for this kind of terrain a trip to Silverstar or Apex is necessary. As Silverstar and Big White share common ownership there is a shuttle or Helicopter ride available between the two to get to Apex a vehicle would be required.
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You might want to check out www.ownerdirect.com for places to stay. We stay at a chalet in Snow Pine estates. The rates are good and you can easily find one with a hot tub.
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I stayed in Das Haufbrauhouse(spell?). Very roomy 1b apartment with full kitchen, dinning table, livigroom ect. And the rates were real reasonable. The only thing is that it is a 4 story buliding with NO elevators. I have to lug the stuff 4 flights to my apartment.
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jackwan1, a hot tub? or like a dope jacuzzi?
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Originally Posted by DunDunDun
jackwan1, a hot tub? or like a dope jacuzzi?
no jacuzzi, just a tub+shower in the room, there is a jacuzzi, pool and bar in the center court which you do not have to brave the elements to reach there.
I think I paid 50-60US/night for my one bedroom condo where you are going to pay 120US in Whistler.

I think ALL BW condos are ski-in/out.
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Big White

Thanks for the update Dec12. We've been considering a trip to Big Mt, Central BC, Kicking Horse for a few years. The addition of the Cliff chair looks great and challenging. Do you think Big White will continue to expand? I'm keeping my eye on the growth of Sun Peaks and Kicking Horse also.
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I think Big White will continue to expand, but the weak US dollar probably isn’t helping in previous years I’ve met people from Seattle who have told me that it was cheaper for them to fly to Kelowna and ski Big White for a weekend than to ski for the weekend at Crystal Mountain in Washington. On that note Horizon Air is now flying a larger plane into Kelowna from Seattle this winter so they must think the demand is still there. One thing I’ve heard talk about is putting in a new high speed lift that would replace the powder chair and load further down the mountain, which would open up some new terrain, but I’m not sure this is something that is now planned, just something they where considering or if it was just speculation floating around.

I can’t comment on Sun Peaks I haven’t been there yet although I understand from talking to people that it is a nice hill.

Kicking Horse www.kickinghorseresort.com just out side of Golden is an amazing hill for expert skiers, but in my opinion lacks the intermediate and beginner terrain that most resorts depend on for their bread and butter.

If you do plan a trip out to Big Mountain, Montanta and central BC check out Red Mountain www.redresort.com or Fernie www.skifernie.com both are exceptional hills and they are fairly close to Whitefish, 2 or 3 hours drive.
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i was checking it out and it was $201 a night at stoneridge. canadian. thats pretty cheap...its only like 120 bucks canadian...how many nights did you stay for? because its cheaper if you stay fro 5+
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