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Knee advice -cycling to skiing

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Reposting this in a new thread. Think it got lost in the flamewar.....:

I'm getting back into skiing this winter after a 20+ year layoff. This pretty much mirrors my getting back into cycling last year after another 20+ year layoff. (Can we say "Mid-life Crisis"? ) Good to know from other threads that the biking will help me with the skiing. Now I can know "just enough to be dangerous" in not just one, but TWO sports!

I am reading all of your posts with great interest, so now I need to add a question. One of the reasons that I got back on the bike is because I popped my Right ACL trying to play soccer 2 years ago. Haven't gotten it fixed yet, so the cycling has been a wonderful strength builder, but it is by nature all quad and calf strength. Because of the knee, should I be doing some last-minute adductor/abductor/hamstring work for knee support before I hit the hill? I am assuming that this wouldn't be a bad idea, but not sure of specifics. Also, I do not use a brace - was never told I should have one - probably because the crappy student insurance at the time wouldn't have paid for it anyway. Is the drugstore variety even worth my time?

Hints? Suggestions? Curse words?
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Weights are good

I also have a no ACL or medial cartledge in one knee & wear a brace. I'm an instructor who is on boards roughly 60 days a season. I spend June & July racking up mileage biking along w/weights. August & September in the pool along w/increased weight & sets on weights. Sept.-opening day more weights, pilates, yoga, isometrics for balance. Bottom line, without the strengthening from the weights I probably wouldn't be able to ski. Everything else just helps w/stability & stamina.
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Thanks. I still have the MCL and medial meniscus- thank goodness. I have ankle weights that I use for some strengthening, and I usually use one of my kids' plastic balls to knee-squeeze the adductors.

Have you had any experience with the drug store variety braces (not custom made)? Are they even worth bringing along?
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Absolutely do some hamstring, abductor/adductor work before hiitting the slopes! An imbalance between hamstrings and quads is one of the major cause of injury in female athletes. Strengthening your adductors and abductors will prevent MCL tears.
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