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Head Mad Trix

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A friend of mine is selling his Head Mad trix from a few years ago (the ones that are solid black with the white tips) and they have Look p14 bindings on them. Anyways, I need some new skis and am thinking about buying them. Would these skis be good for skiing outside fo the park? I like being in the park but only spend about 20% of my time there. I'm mostly on the moguls, groomed and steeps. Any opinions would be helpful. Thanks
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search for "sites with ski reviews" thread

a recent thread has 10 +/- sites with reviews

or, ski em before you buy em
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THey ski well on groomers trees a few inches of fresh and moguls for a park ski, better than any other park ski ive been on (enemys, public enemys, scratches, candides, 1080s) But still wont ski groomers and trees as good as a midfat such as a b2
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Thanks for the input skibum
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If they're in good shape and you're getting them cheap - go for it. I've got a pair of those (181 cm with a 'Ross Scratch 140'-binding, same binding as the Look) and it's a really fun ride. Great in the park, pretty stable on the groomed, hard stuff. Not that good outside the piste though. Digs down pretty easy, poor float in the deep. No crud buster. BTW, I'm about 5'10 and 180 lbs.

Unless you live in the park (which you say you don't), I'd use the rear binding position. Center the binding and you'll loose much performance and control at speed.
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Head Madtrix

I skied the Mad trix you are talking about as my only ski for a couple seasons and then used it as my FS ski when I got pocket rockets. I agree with all the comments above. However, I did have one really good powder day with them in Switzerland and they were really good (but I hadn't tried real powder skis yet). The mad trix are a really beefy, heavy ski which is their main advantage over other twins except maybe the 1080 LAB. They are good for bumps if you are strong and don't need to rip a zipper line like Mosely. However, I found them a bit clunky at times and not very fast edge to edge. They are also a slow ski in terms of speed if you are trying point it get speed for a traverse.

- Ben
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