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Anyone been to Tahoe?

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Any one resort worth going to? Reports don't show much snowfall for the past few weeks.

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Skiied Sugar Bowl on the 7th. Snow was a bit thin and crusty. We will wait for more snow.
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South Lake Report

I skied Sierra on Thursday 11/18. Had a great day, with my daughter, then took the skis in yesterday for repair edge and base damage. I will wait for more snow before returning there. Sierra has been open since October with daliy skiing and it is very thin. Clipper and Horsetail are the only diamond runs open with big rock moguls on the others (East About, Castle, Preachers etc.).

Heavenly opened Friday 11/19 and is starting with a fresh base (reporting 18" -36"). Heavenly has lots of new snowmaking capability and they are making snow nearly 24/7 with night temps going into the single digits. The open slopes have reliable coverage. Nothing off-piste or on the lower mountain is open obviously. You can see snowmaking under the tram on the web-cam http://www.skiheavenly.com/audio_visual/webcams/tram/

Kirkwood started with the most natural snow and up to this weekend was open only on weekends. Their coverage is better than Sierra, but steep terrain is getting sketchy or is not open. They are making snow on the lower mountain.

No snow in the 7-day forecast. I hope that will change soon. Had a great start October 23 and have been out 4 times so far, but will wait for new snow to improve things, and holiday crowds to thin.
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Where to ski on what which days.....?

Hmmmm, looks as though those in the Tahoe area just had their wishes come true!!

Coming back to SLT with the wives...this time, on January 7,8,9 & 10, 2005. I talked about it way too much after a Superbowl 2004 weekend with the boys out there. Flying into Reno late on January 6 and staying downtown Reno the first night, so I'm thinking that a quick trip up to Mount Rose on Friday January 7 would be a good start before we head down to the cabin we have rented in SLT down by Meyers starting the evening of Friday January 7.

Ideally we would sample all that SLT has to offer and I have already pre-purchased vouchers for Mt. Rose and Heavenly through a Casino package that we are using for our first nights stay. My question is....finally, where would and when would you ski Kirkwood, Sierra at Tahoe and Heavenly for the Saturday, Sunday and Monday of skiing? We are flexible...well ok...at least our time is...since I can barely even touch my toes anymore and realize weather may be variable and keep the options open if the winds blow to ski Sierra at Tahoe and stay out of the wind that way. Otherwise are there specific days of the week to avoid Heavenly....or Kirkwood due to crowds??

The husbands are all advanced intermediate up to a PSIA level II instructor, while the wives tend more to intermediate categories. So I'm thinking we should be able to find something for everyone. Well considering the fact that back here in Wisconsin...we call a ski hill here with the massive vertical drop of 500' a mountain: that should be fairly easy to do!
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I've never been to Sierra, but Kirkwood is usually never too crowded. Among the several dozen days I skied there, I don't think I ever waited on a lift line for more than 5 minutes unless it was for the first few chairs on a powder day. OK, maybe a few times up to 10 minutes.
Many days there isn't even a line on lifts that serve advanced terrain.

Same cannot be said of Heavenly. There were many times when I waited 20 minutes or more standing in line, although this may have gotten better this year with a new express lift close to the top on the CA side. But the crowd will still be there, and more lifts will probably mean that the groomed runs will be even more overrun during the weekends.

So, Heavenly will be most crowded, Kirkwood the least, I would guess Sierra will be in between.

Thus I suggest skiing Kirkwood on Sat, Sierra on Sun, and Heavenly on Monday. (crowds: Sat > Sun > Mon)
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Dumped Saturday at Kirkwood

I was at Kirkwood yesterday & got to ski in over a foot of freshies. I heard other resorts got about the same, 12-18". WooHoo!
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Thanks Paulwlee!
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i'd go to kirkwood or alpine meadows to avoid the crowds and still have a decent sized hill.
go to kirkwood, squaw or alpine for best terrain.

and after saturday, all of tahoe will have great conditions for a while !
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Skiied Kirkwood Sun the 28th. GREAT!!!! new snow, more on the way later this week, or so they say.
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