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Actually, Smugglers' Notch opened when they said they would, so nothing has been pushed back here.
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P.S. For what it's worth, here in Essex Junction at ground level, the wind is howling. I fear to imagine what it's like at the summits.
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I skied killington last saturday through wednesday...

saturday was a nice day - busy mtn - ok conditions for good skiers... sketchy/gnarly for not-so-good skiers

sunday - less crowded, warmer temps made for squishier snow (feel the burn!)

monday - ditto - snowmaking made for some fun "seeing-eye-dog" runs

tuesday - it got cold over night and the snow-making made for some nice conditions in the upper half of the mtn... bottom remained soft

wednesday - much warmer and softer

thursday - torrential rains kept me off the hill and I won't ski again until next saturday

I skied early days last year - I remember it being REALLY nice (at okemo) the few times I went pre-thanksgiving, thanksgiving weekend I skied sunday river in light rain on muddy trails, then the 1st weekend of dec we hit sugarloaf and got 4'+ snowfall!

early season is always unpredictable... if you can ski well it's generally ok...

see you on the slopes!
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