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Dolimite vs Technica

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I need help. I'm in desparate need of feedback.

For the last 6 years I've skied Dolimite boots (change every 3 years,) the toe box is roomy and the heal cup does the job. However beign a person that is big into brand names (read Shallow personality) I was thinking of switching to Technica Diablo (why the hell not, I am a big Volkl fan) however I've discovered that the Technica Diablo series has shortened the lenght of the cuff by 1.5 inches. I tried both on at Pro night and the shortness of the Technica is very noticable. When I asked the Rep about the advantages of this he was very hazy. (I've descovered that buying from reps isn't necessarily the best thing to do. Generally reps aren't into the technical aspects of the design. They just know what the boot is built for and even more interesting they don't know their competition. So a side note from this whole deal is that if you think bying from a rep is the cat's meow, Buyer Beware.)

I've been to the Technical web site for info and can find nothing about the shorter cuff, so I'm in a quandry. Is it worth $250 to eperiment with the Technica Flame or stick to my Dolimites.

Or at least can somebody tell me why Technica shortened their cuff?
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If your Dolomites work for you why change them for a boot that doesn´t?
A perfect boot is always the most precious piece of gear you have.
If you MUST have some big-brand item go and buy anything - but not ski boots which don´t fit!!!
Diablo Flame ist the fourth model in the "race" line (Race Pro, Magnesium, Fire, Flame) and it´s no race boot whatsoever. Maybe therefore.
Isn´t there any chance you tried the women´s boot?
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Nope, it wasn't a ladies boot, I'm sure of that. As far as the foot, the Dolimite and the Technica were the same. The only difference in feel was the hight of the cuff and that felt weird.

It's not that I'm really going to change. I just want to know the advantage of lowering the cuff 1/5 inches.
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Is it 1.5 inches? That would be quite a lot...
There´s nothing about it in the catalog either.
Are you sure all the models (Race Pro, Magnesium, Fire, Flame) have a lower cuff compared to the old Icons?
How about asking Tecnica directly? www.tecnica.it
There used to be some Tyrolia boots in the 90´s with lower cuffs specially for the Japanese market.
But I don´t think this could be the case.
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Tecnica not Technica
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My Tecnica ICON XT's had a shorter cuff last season than the other boots I tried. But, it wasn't 1.5 inches shorter, more like 15mm. Great for me, I am only 5 foot 9.

If you like the Dalbello fit, why not go with it? The Rage boot is a great line, their Rage Pro is a perfect expert boot for someone who need a higher-volume model.

Another option is the Head S12/S10 boot-they have the variable last, so you can go either with 100mm or 103mm width. More upright (allows your hips to move vertically well) and very responsive. Plus, they don't cost an arm and a leg, like the Tecnica's (except for the XT, I have never had much luck with them-their consumer boots always feel klunky and boxy, not to mention heavier than necessary).

Good luck with whatever you decide-try on more boots if you can!
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The Tecnica cuffs go down as the boot size goes down...did you by chance downsize from your Dolomite size? or were the Dolomite and the Tecnica (look - no H!) the same shell size? I think the Tecnica cuff moves up every two shell sizes.
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