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Diablo Racepro

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after 4 or maybe 5 years(when did tecnica make the original icon),
i decided it was time for a new shell (i've had a few foam liners along the way),

And today was my first day on my new toys.
The race pro 130 is sweet,

why did it take me so long to switch.
the feel, quickness and flex are all far superior. I spent forever tweaking stiffness on the icon carbon (booster, slits, other mods)
and it never felt as clean and progressive as this new one. one neg, i think this new one will be colder since i'm so close to the plastic.

the diablo is a definite winner for me!!!!!!!!

my decision came to the doberman and diablo,
they are very similar nuts and bolts boots.
no bells and whistles,
the diablo just fit a bit better for me.


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From your other posts it sounds like you have had a few more days out on the snow. I was wondering if you have any more feedback on the Race Pros. Are they colder than your old boots?

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they are colder... but much better.
I guess it's just being so close to the plastic. my old icon carbon was 2mm longer boot sole and I had comformable foam liners that were quite warm.

SSH sent me a link to the boot glove and if it becomes a problem I may try them. My other thought is going to an intuition liner (I have one in my AT boot and I love it). I'm just not sure if there's enough volume in the racepro to make it work? I also love the cuff on this liner, so I'm a bit reticient to give it up.


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So far all I can do here is look at the boots and pray for snow. My prayers are unaswered. I just can't wait to get out and try out my new race pros. I have put boot heaters into mine, and by the sounds of it that won't be awasted effort.

For what it's worth I had my boot heater element installed on the boot board with a channel cut down the centre for the cable. I will let you know how they work out installed that way.

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I put Intuition liners in my Race pros, and they work great.
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Originally Posted by U.P. Racer
I put Intuition liners in my Race pros, and they work great.
I ever heard of Intition liners. Are they better than the Zip-fit liners?
I just bought some XT17's, but haven't skied them yet. Frome what I've read, I expect them to be a little wet and cold.

If this ends up being the case, could I put Intuition liners in the XT17? They're pretty snug, especially in the toe box.

Are they much thicker then the stock liners? And how much warmer are they? I found the website and I assume you're talking about the "ski boot liner?"
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zip fits are heavy and would most likely take up even more room.
my intutitions in my at boot are warm and comfy.

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