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More decisions??

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Geesh! After a season of demoing shaped skis (I'm still on old long straight stiff slalom skis) I'm ready to buy. I've been waffling between a new school bump ski (Salomon 1080 Mogul or Rossi Mogul) and a midfat. The decision is almost made and that's to buy two pairs: An older traditional bump ski and a mid fat.

Of all the midfats I skied, I liked the K2 Axis X the best. Here's the problem. I *thought* I demo'd it in a 181 but I'm not sure. I was all ready to go buy it in the 181 but the guy at the ski shop INSISTED I should ski the 174. Normally, I wouldn't argue about 7 centimeters but everything I've read indicates that lenght makes a tremendous difference with shaped skis.

Any advice? I'm 5'6", 170 lbs., skier level 9.27 (which is 103% better than a level 9 )
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I am skiing the 181 in the Axis X, i like the length for most skiing, i do know someone who is 5'9 170 that wants to go shorter he skis a bit more conservitivly and is about 50.
If you want to ski off piste conditions alot go wit the 181's if you kinda stay with the groomers, 174's will work fine. By what I have read in your posts you will probbably do fine on either. But 7cm does make a difference.
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I am the same size as you, and own the Mod X (same ski as Axis X) in a 174. Plenty of ski for our size. By the way the twin tips you are interested in are just midfats with a turned up tail. Try the K2 Enemy in a 173. It is a super fun ride all over, and is a little wider(5mm) under foot, and has a touch less shape. I ski about 170 days a year at Mammoth, and use my Enemys way more than my Mods.
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Oops, those were the new Mogul skis you wre looking at. Not as versatile as a midfat, but totally fun for rutlines. Try the Enemy, only old people like the Mod X more.
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it sounds like you are potential candidate for the "Go Anywhere Super Slaloms." So let's call them what they are "G.A.S.S." skis. Inside tracks in their July/August issue rate six of them: The Rossi T Power Viper S, K2 Mach S [ IT editors choice, ]Fischer RC4 Race SC, Atomic BetaRace Carve 9.12,Volkl P50 SL Carver Energy,Salomon Equipe 3V.

Suggested lengths: 160 for competition, for free skiing 170-180.The Fischer did have a 180,for all others the longest skis were in the mid 170's. It looks like the shorter the better until you get to about 150 cm. For lighter and smaller skiers a 140 may be just fine.

It apears the initail rating by their numbers have them in this order, The K2 first, next, the Atomic and Volkl almost the same, the Rossi and Fischer at the next level, and Salomon. I suggest you demo first to see if this new type of slalom ski could be your new favorite ski to ski just about everywhere.

All the manufacturers have web sights.

I guess you could say that these skis are going to be a "GASS !"
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So... Being old is a bad thing? Watch it, you're getting there sooner than you think.

A friend of mine who posts here is the same height as I am. He drives the ModX 181's. I have the ModX 174's. He kind of wished he'd gone for the 174's. I'd let him try mine, but we don't have the same boot sole length. With the extra length he can turn on the speed better than I can. But then I cna turn on a dime and give you nine cents change.

My suggestion to KevinH, because of his height, is to try the 181's ModX Pro or this coming season's equivalent. The ModX Pro has two titanium sheets inside.

If he wants a bump ski, I have some K2 FX extremes 11.2's he can have for cheap. Not a true shaped ski but still a decent side cut, very good high speed stability. Skied 3 seasons, 3 times each, drilled once. had them up about 45mph, rock solid. Didn't want to go any faster, after all... I'm old. Old blows. See... the old were born old. The young will never get old. But then, I've reached this age without any pins in my legs, etc.
Now don't nobody go gittin' a hissy-fit. I'm jest a pokin' fun at myself as well as others. I think I'll go git a bit of chaw, rub parrafin wax on my Mods and wedge down the green runs, all a-skeered of going so fast. If you see a trail of chaw juice going off into the trees just git out the huntin' hounds to go find me. Make sure one of them dawgs has a a flask of Black Jack daniels tied to hissins neck! Wonder if Ma's got a kettle o' beans ready on the firplace back at the cabin?

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ROFL! I missed your response until today...chaw juice? Reminds my of my college days skiing Beech Mt. NC! hehe

Thanks for the advice all. I thought I was completely ready to buy skis after demoing skis for about 80% of my time on snow last season but it looks like I'm going to have to try the Axis X in both the 174 and 181 before I buy. I'm staying away from the Axis X Pro because of the titanium. I ski a lot of bumps and am always hestitant about metal in the bumps (I know that titanium rarely deforms permanently but I still don't like it).

I'm probably going to go with the 174 because I usually make short short short turns.

Thanks again!
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did/do you ski/work at T-line?
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