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Atomic Neox & VIST V

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I have long sought to discover the place that VIST has int he ski industry, as they seem to be directly and indirectly involved in nearly every single ski company that is producing skis right now. They build race plates for Blizzard, Elan, Nordica, Stockli, Rossignol, Atomic, and many others in sure (that they dont announce). I happened to look at a pair of Atomic Neox bindings on ebay today directly after i had looked at a pair of Nordica bindings. Other than color and a slightly different plastic design on the toe they looked very similar. Of course Atomic Neox bindings still use the Atomic plated binding feature and such, but they look very similar. VIST also appears to have designed the plates that Atomic uses on all of their skis - look at the similarity to the absorber series... (www.vist.it). Its possible that the bindings just have very similar design and function to each other... but it also seems likely that VIST may manufacture the NEOX for Atomic... or Atomic bought the design off them. Some one of you Atomic guru's must know something about the NEOX and Atomic's relation to VIST.
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it wouldn't be surprising at all. in the cycling industry, there is a taiwanese company called MarTec which does the carbon fiber shaping for MANY MANY cycling companies (giant, kuota, i think kestrel, etc etc etc)...everyone's just consolidating nowadays...

it's possible that the other companies are contracting out to VIST to mfg bindings...iono
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I've heard the one about the Nordica, Atomic connection before but I have been assured that it is cosmetic and Atomic's neox was designed from scratch. There is a relationship with a Salomon juniour binding that is the same as Atomic's. Atomic has their own manufacturing operations but they will fill capacity by building parts for other companies and may do similar with services from others for some components as well.

I think that sort of sharing is more prevalant in the cycling industry but does go on in skiing somewhat as well.
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The Atomic/Nordica connection is a bunch of years old. Nordica contracted Atoimc to make a demo/rental binding. It was a Centro binding with a slight revision in the toe.

Other than that there has been no other involvement.

The VIST and the NEOX are very different. Atomics are all made in-house in Altenmarkt Austria. They are completely different bindings. What feature is comparable? I looked at the plates and could not find a single one wich appeared similar to Atomics. All the plates used by Atomic are made in-house, or for a few World Cup models made around the corner by a machinist.
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They are the same plate (at least what was used int he immediate past on Atomic skis). They are a plate that is a free flex and has two sliding metal plates on top that the binding mounts into. Very much like the race plates that are used on atomic skis - especially the WC ones with the metal plate. Obviously they arent as fancy looking - more for practicality instead of vanity - but they have the same function - very much like a Vist WC race plate.
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I've yet to see an Atomic ski with a metal plate WC or otherwise?
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The similarity of the VIST and NEOX toes might be - just similarity. The VIST bindings are former NORDICAS which were developed independently.
An interesting link might be the chief designer of VIST bindings (I don´t want to give out his name) who used to work for Atomic.
We talked about bindings for about 2 hours this October. I didn´t ask him directly why there is the similarity but I´m almost sure both are two independent bindings.
It is possible to speculate that there was a draft of a new binding at Atomic (since it must have been clear that the old binding, practically still the old Ess v.a.r. of Kurt Jaeger from 1982 or so, could not survive other 10 years) and thus it was in the man´s head (he might even have (co)designed it).
Just speculation.
Atomic race plates are produced by VIST, he told me. Same as the new ones for Salomon as of November 2004.
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The Atomic plates are not full metal, but the top is metal. Check out the race department skis. They have a thin aluminum plate that i assume slides on a track on the top of the plastic plate. They look the same as any other Atomic plate, but the top of them is aluminum.
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier
They have a thin aluminum plate that i assume slides on a track on the top of the plastic plate.
That would be the system used in the VIST Worldcup Air plates.
http://www.vist.it/html/en/products_...=2&subp=3#sub2 (in English)
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I think its actually much closer to the WC Race design.
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The new VIST plate used on Head race GS skis has a different top metal sheet connecting both Polidur parts i.e. the connecting "bridge" is more massive. If there is any sliding I don´t know
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As I have been on some Atomic race skis yesterday. I give my input too.
For GS:Yes, they look very much like the Vist plates, but are definitely a little bit different. I still assume that they are produced by Vist. It is only that the metal was painted black, and the front part looked different.

The SG Atomic had the Vist Worldcup Race on it, not the Air, this surprised me. They didn't even bother to print the Atomic name onto it. One could still read the Vist logo.
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The Atomic World Cup plates have no metal, at least the ones imported to the US. They use them on Race Sept. SL,S, SG & DH. Very flexible and toe mount plate.
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