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Race ski recommendations

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I currently race on Tuesday nights at one of the local speed bumps -- the all of 250 vertical foot Nashoba Valley in Massachusetts. There are a lot of racers on Tuesday nights -- about 150, so the course gets seriously icy and rutted, with a wide variation in racing abilities. It's a dual course setup, with 20 some gates on each side (they tend to add a gate each week -- we started out with 18, and it will be up to 26 by the time it's over). It's a very straight course -- more slalom then GS, although they do use panel-style gates.

I'm never going to claim that I'm very good at racing, but I would like to have a ski that's more-or-less built for this type of thing. I currently race it on 167cm Rossignol T-Power Viper-S's -- while they work fine for free-skiing, race course speeds seem to be pushing their ice holding capabilities a bit. What ski recommendations do you have for this type of thing? Essentially it comes down to great edge hold while still being able to turn fast (remember the 20-some gates in 250 vertical feet thing...), and be reasonably skiable for free-skiing. I've been looking for the Rossignol 9S Oversize to demo, but I've never seen it. Rossi's the only manufacturer whose line I really know, so I'm out of my element here.

Oh, I'm 6'2", 165, level 8 skier or so.
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I highly reccommend the Rossignol T-Power 9S- whether it be this year's model or the previous model (the gray and chartreuse ones, commonly seen with deviator tips). I was low on cash this year, and my old race skis just weren't cutting it, so I bought the 2002 T-Power 9s in a 174 length- a little long for slalom, but i can manage (im a pretty big guy, 6'0" and 220 lbs). Where it really shines, however, is on the GS course. For some reason ,the SL sidecut in a GS length was the perfect combination for me. becasue it sounds like the courses you race on are a cross between sl and gs (they probably use panel gates and further distances between to eliminate much need for blocking, resulting in fewer broken gates.). I've also heard excellent thing about the Dynaster Speed Omeglass from someone who is about your size, but slightly heavier.
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Depending on the set, a race carver or slalom carver might be the right ski for your courses. Something with a 15-18M radius works well for smaller, flatter hills where speed isn't sufficient to effectively carve something with a larger radius. The Volkl 5 Stars and Atomic SX-11s are pretty popular town league race skis up here. If you feel you need more sidecut, a detuned SL in a slightly longer length might work as well.
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Thanks for the replies... I've spent some time digging through Peter Keelty's review's on www.ts2003.com. The Dynastar Omecarve 10 and Atomic SL:9 looked like they would be suited for this type of thing, as well as having some free-skiing capability. I know Atomic's are suppossed to be superior ice skates -- what about Dynastar's? I've never been on those. I figure a full-on race ski will never work as the speed will never get high enough. I know the SL:9's merit's have been debated endlessly here vs the SL:11, so that will hopefully come down to a demo.

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I felt the Dynastars were a bit soft, but I am 6' 210lbs and a former racer/coach/instructor and tend to ski very fast, maybe the 6 star or 5 star volkl or as mentioned the Atomics would work well.
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Stockli SC will give you a nice ski .. between SL & GS.

Much smoother on the ice.
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Fischer Worldcup SC would be my choice, but that's just me... a devout Fischer whore! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Go FAT!!!

Just kidding. I race on Wednesday nights in that league. First racing experience for me - we're having fun. I was due for skis this year and ended up getting the Dynastar Intuitiv 74 - I'll be all set if we get a foot of snow one of these nights. Given my limited racing, I couldn't justify a race ski.

I have been perusing Ebay, looking at what's out there. I would think a short slalom would be the best bet for the course at Nashoba. If I can find something for $200, I may try to buy for next year. I'm a level 8, 170#, and I would hope for a length of about 160. The sidecut won't be as deep on something that's a few years old, but I think the short length would make up for it. Good luck.
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Fisher World Cup SC or Race SC. Both are appropriate for the type of racing you describe and are also outstanding for free skiing. The Race SC is a little softer than the WC SC. Both are slalom skis.

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