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Oh gee! Billy Kidd will be soooo happy.
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Where's my cowboy hat!?

(very informative thread title, btw...*snicker*)
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I'm a bit new here, so if I've posted this the wrong place, please let me know------

It's fun to ski with a "Hart On"-----does that belong here or over at the Viagra Thread ?
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Nostalgic moments

I had my first Tib/Fib fracture on a pair of Hart Gremlins when I was seven. I remember the doctors setting my bone in the ER while the Sarajevo olympic downhill played on a tv set in the background. Man that brings back memories.
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My first pair of fiberglass ski's were Hart Billy Kidd's. Hope they make an updated F-14.

: : :
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Yep..Hart-Billy Kidd Freestyles...still have my old pair. Had alot of fun on thoses sticks.
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