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Tecnica Hot Form

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Does anyone know anything about the new Tecnica Hot Form boots? Any opinions?? A bootfitter at my ski shop said these are awesome. He told me these will revolutionize the boot industry. They also come with a boot warmer/dryer with every pair.

Anyone tried these yet or been fitted? They are in the new Ski magazine but nothing on the Tecnica web site.
As always, opinions and comments are appreciated.

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Try www.tecnica.it they have some info.

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Well, I assume from the lack of response that very few Bears have had any experience with the new Hot Form. If anyone finds out anything, please respond here, I am very interested in this new boot.

By the way, do we have many experienced boot fitters on here?

John J - I could not get the link to work that you replied with. Thanks for the reply though.

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I have tried that site as well and it is behind the times. It has the 2001/2002 line of Tecnica gear. The adds are in the magazine but not on their website. I hate websites that are out of date.

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Ooops, sorry about that.
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Ty, that link did work when I first left it. But I see what you mean now. Try typing it in though, it gets you to a Tecnica site with info. At least it did for me. Also, it looks like Daleboot uses the same technology for their liners. www.dalebootusa.com

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John J -
I notice your from Chi-town! Just wondering if you have a home ski shop in the area that you regularly visit. If not, I would recommend Snowcrest Ski Center in Crestwood. It's on Cicero just about a mile south of 294. I really love the place and all of the sales people are instructors and test the equipment!

Best wishes,

PS, I will check the other site also.
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I looked at getting a pair of the Hot Forms for this season, then I heard mixed reviews, along the lines of: "great idea, can't wait until next year when they get it right". I also got a few tips on how to make my boots work better, so I'm just going to hold off until next year, then we'll see.

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lets see, a pair of tecnicas with their own heater-drier that are warm to ski,also dry I hope.I love my icon x but these are the coldest wetest skiboots I have ever owned,they replaced my nordica grand prix. I have to pull the liner every night to get the toe box area dry, they also are very hard to get off when they are cold,this got worse when I put in my surefoot footbeds. I see more people with those battery powered heaters even instructors in tecnicas than any other brand, I just figured it was like driving a corvette then complaining about how stiff it rides but if they made this boot more user freindly without giving up performance that would be great. I am thinking about some zipfit liners maybe this would help, aside from all that did I mention I really like my icon x.
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Go back to Technica's site, I believe the 03' stuff is up.
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Correct....it has been updated and has information now about HotForm.
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