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powder friendly

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Is the first weekend of March usually very powder friendly in the Cottonwood Canyon? Anyone have link to any specific snowfall stats? thanks.
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Ha!! If we knew that for sure, we'd all have our reservations made and certainly wouldn't be sharing that info.

In all seriousness, LCC is probably as good a bet as any place else in the lower 48 at that time of year.
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Originally Posted by skierdon
Anyone have link to any specific snowfall stats? thanks.
Statistically March has average snowfall equivalent to January and February, however the "standard deviation" is higher. Higher SD means increased volatility or variableness in the snowpack. Now...from my experience I've had better powder skiing in late January and early February, however you can get hammered in March too.


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From the Alta website: http://www.alta.com/Frames/snow_repo...allhistory.htm
just monthly totals, but March averages 95 inches - do the math 3 + inches per night.
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Use the search, Luke.
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