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Head Mad Trix Mojo

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Recently purchased the Mad Trix Mojo,can anyone tell me about these skis.I`m ready to ski out west.Whistler here I come.
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Very high praise in the Skipress mag.My 1st pair of powder skis
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Scored a pair for cheap myself recently. Hopefully after next weekend I can tell you precisely, but heard just positive reviews as being a great pow ski.
Is supposed to have some downs when conditions are icy but - we'll see.
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Love mine - skied all last year. For a fatty, their hardpack performance isn't bad at all. Let me know if you have specific questions.
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lodro im looking to get a pair of these for my all mountain ski, for squaw telluride and east coast when there is some fresh. how do they do all mountain not just in pow?
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