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I like
" I may be girl, but I'm faster than you." Saw it on a tshirt in Breck.

Also, here's mine:

"To be is to ski; the Rockies, of course!"
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amazing similarities between sex and skiing
*you spend hundreds of dollars and travel extensively to make it happen
*before you start, you spend hours dreaming of how good it will be
*despite extensive training, you dont last as long as you thought you would
*your sore the next day
*no matter how har you try, your never the first one there
*if you dont maintain your equipement, you wont perform wel
*once your done, your friends all want to know how it was
*once you try it, you want to do it as often as possible

(caps cause its the bets one)
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^^on a shirt i gto from whistler^^
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"When in doubt tuck it out"
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Got another two:

This one from the Grinch or maybe it was Ron Howard?:

"The sun is bright, and the powder bitchin'".....what can't beat that??

And mine as I was going down Upper Ruby Chief headfirst, body following at CB (first year as a beginner) :

"Don't mind me, I'm just sliding...... gravity will eventually win!"
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Originally Posted by Mapnut
Before Sugarloaf and Sunday River in Maine had a common owner, Sugarloaf had a sign on a lift tower at the 2700-foot elevation, about halfway up. It said "If you were at Sunday River, you'd be at the top by now."

A couple of towers below the sign for the "Caution: Yellow nosed vole crossing"
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I like:
"Another day, another core shot"
"Soulful are those who feast on the mountain and knaw on the bone of insanity"
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"Too deep to sleep" -- seen on a chalkboard one night in a bar in Colorado during a dump.

"Enjoy your moment in the fall line" -- Ski instructor to class on Reforma at Taos; overheard from the chairlift.

"It's like you're stealing something from someone" -- Just another ski bum overheard while waiting in line for the first chairlift on yet another powder day during the '81-'82 El Nino season at Sun Valley.

"Do you ski with holders?" -- A 7-year-old kid on the lift asking about the fact that, unlike him, I was skiing with poles.

"Dad! Come over here! There's lots of mobiles!" -- A kid trying to lure his dad onto a mogul run.

"Wait...that's a License to Thrill!" -- Glenn Plake in the opening scene of the Greg Stump movie of the same name.

"It's like making love to a picket fence" -- A Taos instructor explaining the sensation of skiing the bumps properly. When asked what he told women, he replied, "Push the bush."

"Work is for people who don't know how to ski"
"Don't postpone joy" -- A couple of bumper stickers.

"Here I sit, cheeks a-flexin',
giving birth to another Texan" -- (with apologies to other Texans: I lived there for years) grafitti in the outhouse at the top of the Larkspur lift at Beaver Creek.

And my favorite:
"Powder snow skiing is not fun. It's life, fully lived, life lived in
a blaze of reality." -- Dolores LaChapelle
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Originally Posted by Bryan
Who the hell knows. I just felt that Bonni should have an imput and if your version is correct, I like hers better.
bonni's is right
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I have a friend who warns, "Trust no snow you cannot hear".
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"Follow Mees, Bend Zee Knees, Edge Zee Skiis, Watch Zee Trees, that will be twenty five dollars pleeze" ...Old German Ski Instructor's lesson plan.
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Originally Posted by Gnarlito
And my favorite:
"Powder snow skiing is not fun. It's life, fully lived, life lived in
a blaze of reality." -- Dolores LaChapelle
Is that from a Silverton poster? I think Dolores is a resident of Silverton. Jenny was telling me a crazy story a few months ago how the quote on their original poster came about. It was from Dolores and reads, "powder snow teaches us how to live."
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A T-shirt I like:

Most sports require only one ball.
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On a T-Shirt

New Boots and Skis - $750

New Helmet - $105

Lift Ticket - $59

Look on the Ski Patroler's Face as
You Blast by at 60 MPH - Priceless
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"You guys reeeeely missed it, you should have been here yesetrday."
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"bollock tickling powder" - my response when someone asked me what skiing in Alta was like.
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To my friends in NC who don't ski because they don't like the snow/cold :

"It doesn't have to be cold to snow, it just has to be below freezing..."
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SPORE- Stupid People On Rental Equiment

Ski good or eat wood is Blue Knob, PA slogan www.blueknob.com they got way better terrain than anyone south of hunter.
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Originally Posted by vinn
Is that from a Silverton poster? I think Dolores is a resident of Silverton.
She is (or was...the last time I was in Silverton was in 1999. I asked after her then, but I haven't kept up with her health or her whereabouts). The quote is from her book "Deep Powder Snow." It's a great little source of inspiration if you ever need help on setting priorities.
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Originally Posted by steelman
"You guys reeeeely missed it, you should have been here yesetrday."
The flyfisherman's version: "The fishing was so good, it was like we were there yesterday."
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Originally Posted by kdskis2
"To be is to ski; the Rockies, of course!"
That's close to the "Ski Utah" vanity plate I had when I lived in SLC: 2SKI2B
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all great quotes, but here's a few new ones:

The way to my heart is to call me a ski honey instead of a ski bunny - Alicia Stephenson

Growing up and skiing southern Vermont is like growing up and playing basketball in the hood. The mentality is tough, everybody takes the game seriously and you learn to make the best of what you've got. - Freeskier Magazine

Over time, most people experience life involving love, suffering, compassion and an unspeakable drive for something new...for me there's skiing, nothing more nothing less, and it encompasses everything, every day I'm out there. - Pep Fujas

I've gotten dumped because sex was getting in the way of a guys snowboarding. - some chick in SKIING

I'm a skibum baby, and that I'll always be. No matter where I go honey, I only go to ski. - The Moguls

Yeah. Get pissed. DESTROY. Oh, and get a mouth guard to save the teeth on the big hits. - Seth Morrison's response to "Any advice for the kids?"

WE BELIEVE: Backcountry to handrails...it's all skiing. - ORAGE Manifesto I

and a few from myself and various friends over the years:
-Keep your enemies close and your lifties closer.
-I ski better than I walk. (If anyone has participated in some sort of Torchlight Parade, you'll understand)
-No bumps, no park, no pipe, no trees = no dice (my brother summarizing my dating requirements...in otherwords, you've gotta be able to ski anything and everything)
-Tell me, are the children still following me? (a friend's motto for teaching during holiday periods)
-Point at the rail, growl if you feel you need to, say F-you rail, put your game face on, and do it. (a friend's method for teaching me to grind)
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Seen on a bumper sticker:

"If it was easy, it would be called snowboarding"
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Too many favorites to list them all and I'd probably screw them up.

"You want to make a carved turn? Fine, go get yourself a pair of shaped skis and you'll carve a turn. Hell, you'll carve a better turn than me. You want to ski powder? Fine, go get yourself a pair of powder skis and you can ski powder. You want to see the best skiers on the mountain? Go look who's skiing the bumps" - Glen Plake from the beginning of Fistful of Moguls (horribly paraphrased)

"Dude, don't sweat it, these bumps are wicked hard!" - A pro bump skier warming up on Gunbarrel who gave me this advice when I looked discouraged after nearly crashing into him.

"Danger! Cliff Area! Open" - Sign at the top of the Palisades at Squaw.

"I had Sunny side up. Undt I had Sunny side down. Undt I had Sunny side all zee vay AROUND." - Rudy Garmischt

"Here's the situation. It's 11am and we've already hit our guaranteed 14,000 feet. I know it's a stupid question but since we have to charge you per-flight now, I have to ask. Anyone (laughs) want to stop?" - Heliski guide for Ruby Mountain Heliski on a clear, windless, day with temps in the 40s and a foot of new snow.

"Bumps." My 8-year old's unprepared, uncoached response to his ski instructor when she asked what he likes to ski. I was so proud
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GFDF...(Go Fast...Don't Fall)
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I like SirMack's siggy best of all.
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Some of these are a little outdated, but her goes.

"180's for ladies, 210 for men"

"If you can't ski don't fake it, short skis don't make it"

"Stay alive ski 55"

"Go big or go home" - seemed like a better idea 10-15 yrs ago

"Figure 11's"

"If you fall you won't look the same when you get up"- from an ski movie?

We tend to make this sport more complicated than necessary, I was taught -
"Turn right, turn left and repeat as necessary" - and related is

"A little faster this time" - As a lower intermidate standing at the top of Jackson Hole looking down on a huge bump field and my two buddies hopped off the edge and left me, what are friend's for.

"When in dought, straighten it out" - a race coach's advice
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"Don't ya hate it when they jump out at you like that?"

-- My friend to a skier that hit the lift tower as we were passing over him after said skier replied "yes" to "are you ok".
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On a T-Shirt: I love big dumps
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GRAVITY - It's not just a good idea. It's the law.
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