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A phrase used by ski patrollers at Northstar to describe a certain slift a few years ago.

Frozen Cod conveyer. (Cod=Spore)
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"To turn is to admit cowardice!"

back of same T-shirt

"Turns are for Girls"
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Glenn Plake from Cold Fusion: If I had a magic wand and could change skiing, I'd make it how it was before snowboarding came along.
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
What? you mean 10 seconds from start to finish, you think you straight lined it, but you really need to work on your technique?
10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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But for the quotes, I have to go old-school:

"Ski fast, take chances."

"Live to ski. Ski to die."
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"Ten inches of new and nothing to do."
"Leave no turn unstoned."
"Keep those tips up" - Sexy vintage Lange poster
"Time to call in sick...Sick powder!"
"Once you make that first turn, your life will be messed up forever" - Warren Miller classic.
"Mad River Glen - Where the rocks are smooth and the moss is fast" - from MRG website.
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" This Fresh snow gives me eye trouble,

I just can't see going in to work"

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" Powder: It's like explaining sex to a virgin!"

Quote from T-shirt I saw.
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Take No Prisoners!

Turns are for Wimps

Point 'em South and Let 'em Run !
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"Excuse me, Where do they keep the moguls in the summer time?"

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Originally Posted by lshull
"Excuse me, Where do they keep the moguls in the summer time?"

Some people just don't know anything.

It's simple. After the snow melts off of them, the boarders get up out of the middle of the run and move on to the skate park for the summer.

Another mystery solved. Glad I could help.
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Best line overheard, ever: From two other forty-somethings behind my (forty-something) brother and I as we all watched a kid land a backward somersault off a jump in Jupiter Bowl:

"I'm going to do that next time _I'm_ nineteen..."

Stephan Eberharter, after Hermann Maier's gold medal Super-G run at the Nagano Olympics, the day after his 65-mph-inverted-areal-and-through-two-fences crash in the downhill:

"I'm the best skier in the world. But Hermann Maier--he's from another planet."

Daron Rahlves, on the Austrian coach's reaction to his win at Kjitfell, a few years ago, by running nearly straight at the gates. "Yeah--he said he'd never seen anyone ski like that. But he didn't mean it as a compliment."

The starter at the Snowmass NASTAR course, after watching my roaring start followed by helmet clearing of gates, to my brother. "I've been in racing 20 years, and on the World Cup. I've NEVER seen a start like that." (Not meant as a compliment either.)


(Beer league) racing is a great sport to watch, if you've always dreamed of seeing really cold lawyers hit with sticks...

(Of slalom) incredibly easy--if it wasn't for all the damn turns.

The more I ski slalom, the more I think I'm cut out for Super-G.

You know our motto: If you saw what you hit, you weren't going fast enough...

If you can't see bone, it was just a biff.

And the corrolary:

Any ski day you finish with the same number of bones you started with, is a good day.

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go big or go home

the best way to a fisherman's heart is through his fly
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“I think it’s bull$&!+, man! They went through so much, for sure, but all they do is ski down one icy-ass run…"
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Another similarity between skiing and s_x:

"Snow - you never know how many inches you'll get, or how long it will last."
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Song lyric from Ani Difranco:

"A little bird told me
that jumping is easy
and falling is fun
until you hit the sidewalk
shivering and stunned"

Sounds like some of the jumps I've done.
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I've enjoyed all of these.

From a tshirt I bought at Taos:
"Bosses sack you
Friends forget you
women leave you
Skiing is forever"

And one from Fernie (which has already been mentioned):
"I love Big Dumps" on a brown tshirt (appropriate for me given my love of powder & good coffee)
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This past weekend I accompanied my wife to her annual snowsports school banquet, upon meeting a someone for the first time I asked if he was a skier or a boarder... to which one of the 20something's nearby answered "Oh him, he's bi! He goes both ways!" :-D
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OK... I have to chime in with a couple of old ones:

"Give me Rossignol or give me Head" - Back of a t-shirt

"Ellicottville: a drinking town with a skiing problem" - Unknown

"What's the altitude here?".... I reply...."Oh, and what is it in the summer?" - tourist at peak 9 restaurant in Breckenridge 1991

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"Double ejection results in optimal chairlift appreciation"

Just to test it out I simultaneously double ejected going HARD under the Green Valley lift on my first run yesterday. Thirty two years and I still haven't figured out the concept of "warm up" run. Is it any wonder I can barely walk today?
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Originally Posted by vinn
I saw some stats at the beginning of the season (Ski Press?) similar to that. I don't think it was that high. Their point was to compare skiing vs. snowboarding. The snowboarding numbers were phenomenal - something like 3/4 will try it again.
Actually, the stats are indeed that high

June 11, 2004, Summit Daily News, Frisco, CO Only 15 percent of first-time skiers ever make a second ski trip, according to Michael Berry,
president of the National Ski Areas Association.

This data is corroborated by data from the PSIA in a newsletter from Fall, 2002, "Our Role in Making the Growth Model a Success"

I've got some boarder vs. skier stats - I'll look them up later.
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At lunch in 1998 the TLH Heliski guide asked a similar question to: "Here's the situation. It's 11am and we've already hit our guaranteed 14,000 feet. I know it's a stupid question but since we have to charge you per-flight now, I have to ask. Anyone (laughs) want to stop?"

One of the skiers rolled up his sleeve, stuck out his arm and said, "Stick the needle in. I want some more. What am I going to do, say no?"
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So many good ones:

"Short skis suck, and don't eat the yellow snow"

"Haul ass and catch air"

"If you're in it to win it, arc em or park em"

"Just because you came home with me last night....doesn't mean you can ski with me today"

and most importantly, although not exactly specific:

"I had her sunny side up, I had her sunny side down, I had her sunny side all ze vay a-round!"
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A good mountain and a good woman are pretty much the same,
I'd get off one to get on the other??

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Dude what happened to you?

(My brain wrote a check my body couldn't cash)
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"Yard Sale"

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Originally Posted by MTT
Dude what happened to you?

(My brain wrote a check my body couldn't cash)
Or alternatively...

"I ran out of talent..."

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I am a legend in my own mind.
(Its a conditioning thing)

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Not really a ski quote, but I overheard a 10 year old kid spouting this to his dad on a lift:

"I'll do the talking and you can do the shutting-up."
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Originally Posted by MrMatt426
"Short Skis Suck, Long Skis Truck"

Can't get much more classic than that.
To add to this my old school favorite.

"Short ski, Short Unit"
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