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short xxx's?

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has anybody skied a rossi xxx in anything shorter than a 188? say a 178 or even a 168?
i demoed a t-power viper last year in a 160 and was totally sold on the 'short ski' idea (so easy..and...FUN), but it couldn't handle the chopped up crap i normally ski. i'm 5'10" and 155 lbs and love short turns. thoughts, anybody?
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I say if you can keep them on edge and enjoy it, they are stable at the speeds you want to go and are fun for you, Go for it. No need to be "macho" and have long skis just because people say you have to.

Just my opinion.

By the way, my instructor at Telluride was about 6'1" and I would say about 210lbs and his SL race skis were 165 so who says you can't ski high speeds on shorts sticks..
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by the way Auxcrinier,
Welcome to Epic ski. Looks like you just signed up last week. Hope you stick around and enjoy the banter.
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i picked up some xxx's in a 178 towards end of season last year.i'm 5'7" 180lbs. and somewhere around a level 7-8 skier.i have to ski tight spaces with trees and brush to find the stashes on the rare occasion(at least last year anyway)that we get some powder.plus i'll ski anything to be off the groomed and away from the crowd.anyway the 178's are sweet,tight slalom esque turns,sizable arcs at high speed,super stable and a blast to ski.sweet in powder,evil in the crud,a blast in soft bumps and they turn the groomed into a race course(well sort of).no regrets for going shorter than the recommended 184.if i was skiing at a resort w/more exspansive and challenging terrain and deeper snow(i.e. jackson hole/whistler/utah)i would want a longer length,maybe even the 193 or whatever the longest length is this year.

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I am about the same size as bogusbill, and I really like the 178 XXX, especially the new one. The bigger sizes are too much for me. I ski Mammoth everyday.

Interestingly enough, there is a patent on short fat skis. Wolf has the patent, and companies like Salomon and K2 pay a licensing fee to make 165 Pocket Rockets and AKs. Strange but true. I have a pair of 165 AK with randonee bindings, and they are a hoot. I also have 180 AKs mounted alpine, but the 165s are amazing.
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thanks for the welcome, dchan...

thanks for the feedback -- in the preseason excitement i'm vacillating back and forth between being thrilled w/ my new skis and dread that i got the wrong ski/length.

it's rough. i wish it would start snowing already....
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I think that a 178 is the smallest that a XXX comes in. I was visiting my brother at the shop last night and they had a 2002 178 XXX. It was a shorty, but looked like it would be fun in a tight, steep chutes. I still lean towards the longer boards, but I plan to demo something shorter than a 185 in a fatty to see what all you "converts" are raving about.
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2001 xxx's did come in a 168.....i'll bet my left nut. i demoed the xx last year in a 191 and 188 (i think?) the 188 was ok...but i felt that it would be more fun if it was shorter (this was immediately after skiing the 160 cm t-power vipers, mind you)...and the xxx is so friggin big anyhow....
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