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cramps, not necessarily skiing.

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I hardly ever got a cramp until a few years ago, no matter what I did. Howevere, a few years ago I got a cramp in my calve when swimming and stupidly ignored it. I was limping for 2 or 3 months. Now I get the occasional cramp. Sometimes I can feel a cramp comming on and was just wondering what to do about it.

Any links or info on what causes cramps, and how to best prevent them?
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Ummmm quick summary

DO NOT TAKE QUININE..... it has just been removed from the market for this purpose here - too dangerous.... we have had 6 deaths & numerous other adverse effects reported - in not very lerge population.....

I did find a nice link while searching for info on above.... some japanese guys investigating trigger points in calf found that it seems to relieve cramps to do stuff to them..... I'd be investigating myofascial release accupressure etc to see if you can get relief

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Potassium deficiency? See if eating a banana helps. Seriously.
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The reports I found showed that except in those involved in situations where they lost a lot of sweat electrolyte imbalance rarely caused cramps.....

(Oh pregnant women are another special case - but I don't think ghost is a pregnant woman somehow)

It seems there really is not a good idea what causes the damn things.....

From memory stretching was also suuggested - like you are less likely to get them if you stretch regularly.... but of course you need to warm up to stretch....
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things that I have found that helped:
Water (or some electrolyte infused beverage if already rather dehydrated)
Non-Sodium based electrolyte pills (can get at most vitamin/suppliment shops - typically sold as essential minerals)
Potasium - banana's have helped me, plus are a good source of energy
Milk - to help slow down lactic acid burn, and I've also heard Calcium can help prevent cramps
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Hydrate before you work out! Start drinking more water days before you really do something tough or go up into the mountains.

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I agree with the hydrate and eat bananas comments, but here's something else to try:

If you ever get calf or foot cramps when sleeping (my wife did during her pregnancy), just toss a bar of Irish Spring (the original green one) under the bottom sheet near your feet. You will not cramp any longer. I don't know why or how it works, but it does. My wife was cramping every night, and once I put the bar of Irish Spring soap by her feet, she never cramped again.

I read about this method in a running magazine somewhere.
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Ghost, are you doing this as part of a brick?

The only times I ever get calf cramps when swimming is when I
- do aerobic work beforehand and don't drink enough just before the swim or during the swim.
- become lackadaisical about strict timing of rest intervals, i.e. let myself cool down.

The old trick of grabbing the cramping leg just above the knee, really squeezing down with the thumbs, and holding for 1-2minutes works for me.

Irish spring, huh? Work for monthlies too?
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Don't know about the monthlies, but it definitely does work for foot/calf/leg cramps.

Has to be the original Irish Spring (the greenish one) though.
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Originally Posted by comprex
Ghost, are you doing this as part of a brick?
Thanks for the tips.

I will try to stay hydrated. My past regime of drinking nothing but strong Columbian coffee has changed.

What is a brick (other than a piece building material)?

I may have done a lot of walking or running just before the swim when I first got a cramp. It was a cold winter day too. Since then I have noticed a cramp comming on at the beginning of karate workouts after being on my feet all day. One thing I can tell you for sure is don't ignore a cramp; it won't go away.

Would not getting enough sleep have anything to do with it?
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