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hello! :)

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well, after a 2+year hiatus, i'm back in it again (if anyone even remembers me LOL ). working at a ski shop w/o a car to go up to the slopes is...well, painful...even more painful when it lasts for over 2 years. i got screwed by my mechanic and people who sold me the motor and such so a 1-2 month repair job turned into a 2 year repair nightmare

i plan to hit the slopes with a vengeance this season to make up for the last 2 (6 days in 2.5 years just doesn't cut it).

anyways, just saying hi!

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yo, melloyello

still soupin' up them volvos?
let's make some mammoth turns this year.
(will be there december 12-14, if not sooner.)
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i'd love to, but i have one little problem
i'm missing these things called skis lol
i need to buy a pair first

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volkl p40 platinums, 188, marker demo bindings. never used.
give ya a great deal on 'em.

(seriously, let me know when ya have some skis.)
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