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New member posting problems?

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Is there a problem with our registration proceedure? Since I work on and with computers all the time I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing that makes it so hard to get registered. I've gone through the registration process several times as a test to see if it's working correctly. Maybe I'm too close?

In any case, over the past several weeks I've been getting lots of complaints about unable to post or reply after registration.

The Registration process requires that during the registration process you must agree to the terms of EpicSki.

Then, When you complete this part of the registration, you will receive an email from the forum with Activation information. You MUST follow the instructions in the email received in order to complete the process before you will be allowed to post messages or reply to threads. Being that the email confirmation is part of the process, It makes sense (to me anyway) that you need to use a Valid Email address and some sort of assurances that you will get the email.

If you have a spam blocker set very sensitive or challenge response spam block, you will probably never get this email from us or it will end up in your spam folder instead of your in box.

Other things to check if you are having problems.

Check the security level of your browser. If it is set on "high", That keeps cookies from being accepted unless you customize the cookie setting for epicski. You will not be able to log on with cookies disabled.
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Why don't you ask some regular members to re-register under another name to see what happens? (You can delete the re-registrant later.) I've found that sometimes it helps if I get someone outside the loop to look at a problem. They might be able to find any glitches in the system. You may want to talk to them first to go over what the problems are that people have reported so they can be on the lookout for them. However, don't tell them how to register, thats the thing you're trying to test.

I use Verizon.Net with their serious Spam Blocker. I have gotten E-Mails from Epic Ski so I don't think Verizon looks at you as a Spam sender.

My two centavos, hope it helps.

Take care,
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I'm going to assume that most/all of the complaints are those that are in "Awaiting Email Confirmation". I've found that a lot of people just ignore the e-mail confirmation note, or it gets blocked by spam, or they put in the wrong e-mail address.

I generally work back and forth with the user until the email with the activation codes goes through [you'll see that option in the adminCP] to work out the problem that way; which gets their filters and whitelists all setup correctly, and I make sure their e-mail address matches what they gave upon registration.

I had another admin that would like to just kick them out of "Awaiting Email Confirmation", which always came back to bite me later when they change their e-mail address or forget their password and can't get through.

On your end... check the returned mails on the server; see if their verification mail bounced, which could definately help you pinpoint where the problem is.

Now the last [nasty] issue is one that a site I used to admin on has; their mailer is so overloaded that it just drops mails. So some of the verification mails never even get sent I don't think, so it sort of adds to the hassle.

Hope that helps.

-Jeff [co-owner of thedecostop.com and ex-admin of scubaboard.com]
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Thanks for the responses. We have the system setup so you can't register multiple times with the same email. (on purpose) although some of our older member do have multiple addresses. Our mail server is not overloaded. I would know because I administer the mail server too. I've had "attacks" that attempted to open over 10K connections(all rejected) in as little as an 15 minutes with no adverse effect.

I'm trying to get responses from new members that recently joined. Were there any confusing points to the registration process?

I've had a few people that have complained that our system is "too confusing" but with over 1000 new members in the past 6 months, I'm just at a loss as to why some people feel the forum is too hard to navigate.

Spam blockers are fairly new so I'm trying to get a handle on how many people have had this problem.

Also "Challanged response" spam blockers are even harder to work around. If new members are not willing to work with us on these issues, I can't fix them.

That's all.

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Originally Posted by dchan
I'm trying to get responses from new members that recently joined. Were there any confusing points to the registration process?
It was easy... but then again, I'm probably not the level of new member you're looking for

More seriously... I didn't notice much difference between yours and mine, and we don't seem to have too much trouble [maybe a couple a week that need help, out of 50-150 new members a week]. It always seems the ones that run into trouble are the users that get used to blindly deleting forum mail, and miss the validation mail that comes when they change their e-mail address.
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I just joined on Nov 16th and had no problems----except that sometimes the site automaticly logs me in and sometimes it doesn't.

As long as I am logged in ---everything seems fine.

Cool site by the way
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You many have already solved whatever the problem was, but I can tell you as a new member who recently joined that the registration process was very straightforward. I spend a lot of time on computers, but still.

(I think I'm one of those people who took a while to deal with the email confirmation stage, though!)

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