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Glove Question

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Anyone have any knowledge or experience with Cabela's gloves. Specifically the Pinnacle and XCR series?
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No personal experience but some of the maggots at the Powder Mag forum rave about the Pinnacle.
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No experience, though the gauntlet looks a little short. I like something with at least 5-6" of gauntlet between the bottom and the wrist so I can cinch my wrists down against powder. I use Outdoor Research Gore-Tex mitt shells with Walmart fleece glove liners, though OR makes an excellent glove shell too.
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Yes. i bought the pinnical in yellow. i really like it for skiing and for doing anything else out side. i really like the deerskin leather palm because it is SOOOOO soft and never gets stiff in the cold.
it is water resistant,(at lest more so then other gloves i've had). it has huge cuffs that are adjustable and will easily fit over your jacket slevee, and keep all snoy out. they were very comfy for me they fit exxelently, and look nice. they keep the wind out, and adjust easily with the straps on them.
The only minuses for me were that my fingers got cold, but dont not buy the glove because of this, my fingers are cold all the time. but if you are working hard, or you have warm hands these gloves keep you really warm.
My only suggestion is that you get the black ones if you plan to use them in places where they could get dirty. the Yellow leather shows dirt well, and it doesn't come out.
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