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Used one season, about 20 days or so days. They are in good condition. I waxed the skis at least a couple times a week, and took care of the edges with a diamond stone on a regular basis. The bases are flat with MINIMAL scrapes. There is one little digger on the topsheet right at the tip of the ski. Other than that, the topsheets have the usual scuffs for a ski that has been used a few times.
The bindings are a race binding from Tyrolia with a din that starts at 9 and goes to 18. Know what you need for din settings as I will not sell them seperately.
These are a really fun pair of smooth, powerful, and surprisingly agile skis. I am selling them because I usually try to get something new every year. 450.00$US is a fair price. You would pay 400.00 for the binding alone if you purchased it new.
Please contact me with any questions. I can send pictures if you like.

All sales are final, and I do prefer to do business through Paypal.