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yet another ski length question...

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I was just wondering if I am insane for buying 190cm Atomic 9.18 skis (which were a definite bargain). I am a 5' 11" 180lb 22 year old male who spend all last year skiing on 180cm Blizzard TG18s. With these 180s, I skied mostly groomers, bumps, and ice (got to love the east) with ease and even jumped quite a bit on the slopes. I have 170cm Atomic 9.22s for skiing powder, crud, and my favorite, glades, and I bought the 190cm 9.18s for cruising the groomers, preferably fast. Please let me know if you think that 190cm 9.18s would be a good/bad ski for hauling a** down groomers...
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They are too long for me. The best skis for the groom are short slaloms. They quick, fast, energetic and hold well on ice. Why would you want a longer ski for the groomed than for powder?

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I forgot to mention that I am looking to start skiing NASTAR every so often. I guess I wanted a more GS oriented ski and bought into the whole length = speed idea. Would ditching the 190cm Atomic 9.18s and switching to Atomic 9.12s at 160cm or so be a good idea?
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Also, should I just sell off the 190cm 9.18s and ski just the 170cm 9.22s? The question here is whether I need another ski just for groomers or if the 9.22s can do it all for me.
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Too long.
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Ski 'em, then you can tell us.

If you're a pretty good skier (level 7+), your "ideal" size would be closer to the 180 cm. range. But 10 extra cm. shouldn't affect you much, 'cept say, in the trees or bumps.

But on the cruisers, and in your NASTAR racing, you'll be hauling some serious @$$!

Let us know how it goes.
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The 9.18 is a great ski. If you're planning on using it for NASTAR GS (not slalom) and some fast groomers, you should be OK. That said, I think the 180cm length would be much easier to turn and might actually be faster in the gates for you. I've beaten a lot of people in NASTAR format races on my 160cm 9.16s, mainly because I could carve a cleaner arc at a slower speed. I'm pretty much the same size as you, and I had a lot of luck with 180cm 9.18s in the same league. The 9.18 makes a great casual racing ski, and it is capable of some pretty good speed. If you stay on top of the longer length, you shouldn't have a problem.

Anyway, ski them and see what YOU think. If the deal was really that good, you shouldn't have a problem unloading them if they don't work out.
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To all who posted:

Thanks for your advice. Like many discussions on ski length, there seems to be no better answer than try the ski and find out for yourself. I figure that if I could handle 180s with ease, even in bumps and trees, that 190s should be fine for the groomers and race course. I'll switch to the 170 9.22s for powder and glades. If these skis are too much for me then I'll just take them to Ebay.
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They won't be too much for you by any means, and they will be alot of fun for long turns on fast groomers, but you would be cleaner (hence faster) in a NASTAR course on the 9.18s in 180 or even 170.

The 9.12s at 160 will be somewhat more tempermental as to front/back centered balance than you are used to, but might be ideal at 170cm (I don't know, as I have never skied them in a 170).

Since you already have a good all-around ride, why not look at a recreational racer such as the 9.21?

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