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Mont Saint Anne

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I tried the search funciton, and came up with two posts from 2002 concerning skiing at Mont Saint Anne. I am planning a trip to Mont Saint Anne's in January, and was wondering if anyone had any tips on places to see on an off day, good tips for skiing the montain, etc.
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Mt Saint Anne

BRRRRRRRR! It is cold there! The views are great! The snow is usually good there too because of the BRRRRRRRRR/Cooooooood river effect storms. Ride the gondola as much as possible. The best and most difficult trails are to the left (as you look up) of the gondola.

The food is great at the Chateau Mt Saint Anne and Quebec City is great!

Bundle up, then.....
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If you are spending some days in that area,you must visit the resort of Le Massif (about 30 minutes drive beyond the town of Saint Anne de Beaupre). I visited Quebec this February for the first time. The views over the frozen St Lawrence are amazing - it looks like the trails go right down to the water's edge: (they don't quite ). I rank it as one of the best 5 ski views in the world. There is a good variety of trails, including one used for training by the Canadian national ski team.
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Don't be disappointed if the national team trail is not open. I've only seen it open during QC march break (according to the net), but has never been open whenever I have been there (before xmas and after QC march break.) I've never been there mid season.

Ski tips? Following the sun may keep you a touch warmer.
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Thanks for the tips. I will be at Mont Saint Ann for a full 6 days....with plans to ski 4 days, and take in the sites for the other 2. I can't wait to go now... there is nothing better for me than great snow and beautiful views.
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One more piece of advice. If it is crowded (I doubt it will be crowded in January, but weekends could be a little crowded) you can always do some night skiing. At night you have the mountain to yourself. Most of the time the gondola will be empty. And they even groom the runs before night skiing starts.

It is worth trying it at least once.
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Originally Posted by TomB
you can always do some night skiing. At night you have the mountain to yourself. Most of the time the gondola will be empty. And they even groom the runs before night skiing starts.

It is worth trying it at least once.
And, if the wind from the river kicks up it's like skiing in a Star Trek warp scene. Dips in the slope show up as horizontal snowdevils; the fall line changes are masked by swirls (so are the sitting snowboarders!). Unforgettable.

Allow me to point out the XC facilities, of a quality and extent completely unavailable in the MidAtlantic.

Don't forget to look into the local cheese! Montmorency falls is quite pretty, too.
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Monte St. Anne is a wonderful eastern mountain with awsome views of the St. Lawrence River!

I hear they have added a few runs since I was last there, but here is some advice -

Stick to the gondola and the covered chair on the right side of the mountain as you look up from the base if it is really cold and windy - they mught even shut other lifts down if it gets too cold or windy.

Don't get stuck on the back side during lunch. In fact, even though it is mostly north facing I would only ski this area early in the morning even though it is going to be cold. If the line starts backing up to the food shop they have down there take the T-Bar back up right next to the main lift - it will be quicker.

The glades are very well spaced but for some reason or another always seemed more moguled than other eastern glades I have skied when it does not snow for a while. When I was last there they onyl had a few glades, and they were either really difficult or so shallow it was difficult to keep speed up. I think people were probably skiing the easy ones and thought they could ski the more difficult ones only to find out they can't. This probably resulted in the poor surface conditions when there wasn't snow for a while. The new glades might help this out a bit.

Don't miss the apre ski bar "Le schwe" (sp?).

As for your off days, hit either Stoneham or Le Massif if you want to ski. You might want 2 days to explore the city though. Especially at that time of year since most of the shops close very early in the day. The best resturants and bars are right at the east entrance of the old city where the parlament building is. Most of the good bars are outside the old city - Chez Dagobert, O Bar and so on, while the good resturants are in the old city - there is one where you can toast your own bread as an appetizer and they ahve an assortment of bread and butter spreads to use.

Take a carriage guided tour of town. It is an old town with a lot of history.

Have fun!
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MSA is a fun mountain. I was surprised at the lack of crowds given the proximity to a relatively large city. The coldest day I ever skied was at MSA. I don't remember the exact temperature, probably due to the annoying conversion. I just remember the F and C temperatures were way too close for my liking and that equals COLD! The night skiing at MSA is fun, although the temperature issue only gets worse at night.
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We loved MSA as well. We stayed at the Chateau MSA right on the mountain and the dinners were gourmet French-canadian every evening. Yum!! We were there in Feb. during the Pres. day and we skiied in 33 degrees below 0! We had to go in after every run! Even with that, I would still go back. When you go to Old Quebec, go to the Hotel Frontenac near the river. They have a toboggan run that is great-and outdoor ice skating. When you go to the town wear your ski clothes-ski pants, gloves and goggles! We were glad to have them on. I have to hand it to the French up there-it seems to a tourist like a lovely little kingdom. Enjoy-and the people are very nice, too.
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Thanks for the Info Guys.

Thanks for the info. I have been to MSA about 4 years ago over New Years with a College Ski group. It was terribly cold. Down near 0F or below the first couple days. Our final day of skiing it got up to 13F! I remeebr it was quite balmy. Sqots and I are going together. So I apprecite the advice. I will remeber to put the hood down on the quad lift.

So you guys reccomend checking out the gladed areas then? I don't remeber if I skied them on my previous trip. I think it was before they were opened.
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