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I just hit the lotto!

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Well maybe not the lotto, but I was just given a 7 night trip to Aspen at a ski-in ski-out condo at Snowmass during Christmas. Because I am saving on lodging, I may have a little extra money to spend. Is there something in the area that I just should not miss, or any other words of wisdom.
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No advice but that is very cool
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apres-ski in town is worth an evening. i enjoyed hanging out at "The J-Bar" in the Hotel Jerome.

Have fun! (It should be easy.)

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Dinner at Krabloonik.
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Only one problem - No Snow in Aspen.

sorry, I didn't mean to "rain" on your parade -
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You lucky wannabe!!!!!!!!!

Don't pay attention to lack of snow, it will be there for you. Colorado is Colorado, n'est pas?

Take a dip in Glenwood Hot Springs at night, 45 minute drive.

You must ski all 4 mountains, at least for bragging rights.

Snowmass remains high on our return-to list.

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What is the name of the complex you will be staying at?
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I think it is shadowbrook, but I am not sure. I just found out. I know it is a little older property, but location, location, location.
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That is in a good location slopeside and close to the bus to Aspen
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Krabloonik is a good call, they have great wild game. You might give the Crystal Palace a try too, they have a good show.

Since Snowmass is the most crowed of the four mountains, get up and out of the village early. Lifts open at 8:30, but you can usually get on about 8:15. Head up to Big Burn and you will have an hour before anyone shows up. Then I would move to Alpine Springs and Elk Camp as it fills in. Sam’s Knob and Campground will be the lease crowded of all the lifts. They use to serve a great breakfast at Gwen's till 10:30, but I'm not sure they still do since she and George split.

Highlands is empty all the time and Aspen Mt. is only crowded at Chair 3 and the gondy from 10:30-12:00, the rest of the time its usually walk on. West Buttermilk just put in a high speed quad and you can park right at the base and have a nice picnic.

Don't worry about the snow just yet, it's still pretty early. You will have a good time!
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Thanks all for the input. It is exactly what I was looking for. I checked out the epic instructor list and saw no active bears as instructors at Aspen/Snowmass. Any reccommended instructors.
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curtis caparrella was my first-day instructor at buttermilk in march '98. if he's still there, give it a thought; you won't regret it.

edit: http://www.aspensnowmass.com/schools/meetpros.cfm
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Weems is a bear. You could never go wrong with Victor Gerdun. I like Nik and Suzie Budzy because they are a lot of fun.
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