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Nordica is Stupid!

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I ski the Nordica Beast.

I'm going to cover the Nordica logos. Screw Nordica. Why? Not because the boot is a bad boot. I like the boot. It is outstanding.

Here is why:

I was interested in another boot and wrote them to ask how much it weighed (it was for hiking in).

Their first response was: Go ask a shop.

Nobody here sells that boot. I asked again and mentioned that I do work for a shop and we knew nothing about the boot. (Apparently, it is only carried by two shops in the country)

The next response was: 'We are trying to avoid handing out information to people looking to buy used second-hand product off the internet or other forums. If you have specific technical questions and you are a shop please either contact your area rep or call us direct'

Since I'm at a shop they assumed I'd like that policy. I don't.

Clearly, Nordica is a company that only stands behind its products while they are on a store shelf. They are truly stupid if they don't realize the used market generates more sales for them (by reputation and introducing others to the product) and that their terrible customer service attitude drives away customers.

It shouldn't matter who I am, nor where I plan to buy. But Nordica's attitude and policy is:

1. Assume that I was going to buy 2nd hand without asking.

2. 'We aren't telling you how much the boot weighs. Go find a shop so they can ask us and then tell you. Maybe you'll buy from that shop then!'

3. 'Call a rep so we can verify that you are authorized to know secret classified information like boot weights.'

Bad customer service and stupid policy means they have lost a customer until they change.
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Sorry you had a bad experience with Nordica but don't necessarily take this one occurence as how they do business. I used to own a pair of TR9's (that I bought used) that were known for tongues breaking. When I phoned them to find about where I could go to buy replacements they sent me three pair; for free!! Maybe the guy you talked to was having a bad day?
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Black market sales are a real challenge for many industries, and they quickly commoditize products, stealing sales from the normal channels and reducing product availability. I can understand the policy even if I don't like it.

I'd suggest escalating within their service organization. I'm sure that the person enforcing the policy is only doing what they are asked to do.

ssh (VP, Operations in my day job--I own customer support for our products!)
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It sounds to me (consistent, I think, with what ssh says) that Nordica's policy is driven by a desire to please shops ... it may even be in response to pressure from shops that are threatening not to carry its products (apparently not an entirely idle threat, from the initial post).

I don't mean that so much as a defense of Nordica's policy, as an explanation. I'd bet that if you weren't from a shop yourself, they'd at least sugar-coat their explanation a little bit too. For what that's worth.
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Even if the policy were defensible, who would want to buy their product after being treated like a scam artist that way?

And while I can understand a manufacturer wanting to protect their retailers, the used market is perfectly legitimate. The resale value of any product is part of the value of a new product. And as for black/grey market product...unless Tony Soprano is knocking this stuff off the back of a truck, the manufacturer's beef is with their own wholesale customers, not the retail buyer that's interested in saving some money.

I believe in supporting local merchants but not at any cost. I live in a small city. Many retail products are simply not available here . I won't be held hostage to the few offerings available locally. I won't pay prices that are DRAMATICALLY higher than mail-order. I also won't screw over a local merchant to save piddling amounts when they do have what I want. There's a balance to be struck here.

This stuff gives me a rash.
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I think it's plain ol' fashioned lazy marketers/service personnel, but it does make me happy I didn't buy Nordica skis like I considered fleetingly. Products are so similar, prices are so competitive (relative to each other) ... it often comes down to what company you are most comfortable giving your money to. And companies that don't want my money or (in your case) don't want me to use their product, well I just give them what they want.
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But have you noticed that when you pick up a pair of their skis with the XBS system the XBS logo reads SEX if you are holding the ski the wrong way up? Even in the adds, the logo reads SEX
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