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Volkl AX3

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Has anybody gotten an early heads up on the new Volkl AX3. Is it just a Vertgo Motion with a new topskin, or the G3 renamed or some combination of both?
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I believe it's pretty much a G3.
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UP Racer

Thats what I figured as dimensions are the same. I have an anniversary coming up and wifes G31's are pretty well shot
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Yes, it is the same ski, I have demoed it. If you go to Volkl's web site they may have a link to next years skis. Elan has a new ski called the M10. It feels the same as the G3 could be less $$$. There is a rumor that Volkl bought Elan.
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Vokls website just show 3 of next years skis. A new T50 6 star a new 7 24 Pro and the T50 5 star which except for graphics they say remain unchanged.
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The 724 Pro was a fun ski also, like the T50 you can get it without a binding. I have also skied the F5. May be WTFH has seen them. A buddy who teachs at Killington got them off the web. They were a fun ski, I'm told they the the for runner to the T50. My son liked the F5 so much, they may have turned him into a Volkl man. He has been an Atomic person for a while, except for when he is on his PR's. He plans on getting the 724 next season. I hope his feet have stopped growing.
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I received an email from Volkl today stating the AX3 is the G3 with new cosmetics. Thanks to everyone for their input.
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Volkl has proved to be a mainstay in the "new school" of skis today. They have pulled off what every company in ski history has managed to do, release a product virually unchanged, relying on new names to thrust into the future. Luckily, although I'm sure it was planned, Volkl makes great skis and has a very loyal backing, so I'm sure the name changes won't deter customers to much, just make it more confusing for the salesmen.
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