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Utah trip in February?

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This probably belongs in the meet on the hill section but theres not alot of traffic there so I figured I would put it here instead.

I'm wondering if anyone here would be interested in taking a short (3-4 day) trip to Utah. I dont really have any skiing friends in the area and my girlfriend is too busy with grad school to come with me. I'm considering going solo but having others come along would be much better. Ive never been to Utah and its alot more fun exploring new ski areas when you dont have to worry about the safety issues of skiing alone, especially at places like Alta and Snowbird.

Im an experienced, advanced and adventurous skier. I go skiing to ski and enjoy myself, not to party all night. While I enjoy beers after a day of turns I also enjoy getting up early for first chair and freshies.

Im thinking of staying at the Crystal Inn or something similar in class/ price. If I could get another person or two interested we could split a rental car and possibly take advantage of the Park City quick start program and maybe hit Solitude or Powder Mtn. or someplace else. I'm hoping to go the last week in February, probably Tuesday - Saturday with a red eye home (home is Baltimore). All the details are very flexible at this point. If anyone is interested and lives in the Philly/Baltimore/DC/Richmond area we could possibly get together in advance for introductions, planning and beers.

If I end up going solo maybe someone in the SLC area would be interested in meeting up on the mountain for a day or two?

This offer is open to anyone who is interested, just email me at gottajiboo at hotmail dot com and well get the ball rolling!

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Doesnt seem like anyone is interested so I'll bump it once and let it die
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If Finances are good I may head out again for a 3 day weekend with a few friends in Late Feb.
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